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Annual B2B Digital Commerce Report

Unilog conducted a survey in 2018 of more than 250 small to mid-sized distributors/wholesalers and manufacturers to learn about their forays into eCommerce, their current and long-term strategies, and what they feel are the biggest threats to their business. Read this report to gain insights into the key findings from Unilog’s 2018 B2B Digital Commerce Survey.

Findings include:

  • Nearly 80% of distributors said their eCommerce channel sales have grown over the past 24 months, while just 20% have seen stagnant or slowly decreasing sales
  • 44% of respondents claim that 20% or more of their revenue comes from online sales (not including EDI)
  • 37% of distributors are focused on converting traditional buyers to online customers, 31% are concentrating on generating incremental revenue online, and 22% of distributors say they don’t have a good eCommerce strategy

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