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16 Year Old Start-Up

This blog is by Joe Bennet, our Senior Vice President – North America. In this blog Joe talks about his journey to Unilog.

When explaining the culture and the excitement I feel about joining Unilog, I often use the sentence, “I work for a 16 year old start-up!”

I joined Unilog Content Solutions as Senior Vice President, North America in January of 2014. Prior to joining Unilog, I had a long career developing and deploying technology solutions, specifically ERP solutions to distributors. Because of this experience and perspective, I have come to the realization that spending money on an ERP environment is not in the best interest of the distributor!

Most of the ERP environments sold today are architected in an era before the internet, and the people who enhance and maintain them have inherited the sins of the thought processes of software developers from the 1980’s!

I believe in today’s world distributors should be spending their technical dollars on content and eCommerce and that’s where I wanted to be.

After looking at industry associations and leaders in the eCommerce (omni-channel) space, one name continued to stand out as the leader at producing high-quality product content and the digital assets associated with this content. Unilog Content Solutions has a 16-year history of producing content for well-known suppliers, such as Grainger. The process of developing and delivering content is mature and the company is financially stable.

But there was another facet to Unilog Content Solutions that I found incredibly intriguing – a start-up arm in the US that promotes a software system (enterprise commerce platform) that will power omni-channel commerce (website and native mobile applications) specifically for distributors. I looked at the customers that have adopted CIMM2, interviewed them about their experience, and immersed myself in the product. I was so impressed, that I joined – the start-up arm of a 16 year old company!

Let’s enjoy our journey together…

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