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5 Reasons Your Company Should Be on Social Media

Think social media is just a place for people to share and socialize with friends? Think again. Every day, more professionals are using search engines and social media platforms to research and interact with businesses before making a purchasing decision. If you want these buyers to connect with you, you need to jumpstart your company’s social media efforts.

Having a social media presence doesn’t require a lot of time and resources but, when done properly, does reap its benefits. Here are five great reasons to generate a social media presence so you won’t miss out on opportunities to connect with new and existing customers:

  1. Experience increased engagement and brand awareness

Social media platforms were built to reach and communicate with people across networks. Unlike e-mail marketing or digital advertising, social media promotes two-way interactions with your audience, which makes it one of the easiest ways to build awareness and create an online following. However, it takes regularly scheduled posts, good content and dedicated people to maintain that engagement.

  1. Generate more (solid) leads

As an alternative to seeking out customers through traditional cold calling and telemarketing, use social media as a sales tool to attract prospects. According to The Social Media Examiner, 66% of marketers who invest six hours a week on social media see lead generation benefits. These marketers post relevant and interesting content that incorporates keywords and tags that help SEO – in other words, help improve your search engine rankings and drive more quality leads to your website and social media channels.

  1. Gain insight about your customers, prospects and more

Social media can help you learn a lot about your followers, as well as those you follow. It’s a great resource for researching buyers before you contact them, and the homework you do beforehand will show you took the time to know them, their business and their needs. Social can also tell you more about your competition – what kind of online following they have, what their latest product offerings are and even how they interact with their customers.

  1. Create an alternate channel for customer service questions

Some may think you’re opening up a can of worms if you encourage social media as another outlet for customer service queries. But, when done correctly, addressing customer posts on social media shows your organization is quick to respond and resolve their queries, regardless if they are complaints or simple account questions. This type of exposure goes a long way to boost your company’s reputation and brand loyalty.

  1. Become a valued resource for your followers

You know your industry, you know your products and you know your customers. Why not share your knowledge by creating and posting relevant content on social media? The majority of buyers perform online research before making a purchasing decision. When you post unique, useful content, your audience will take note. People are more likely to share your content when it has value, which helps to extend your reach and increase your credibility.

Reap the rewards of social media by creating a positive online presence for your organization. Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • Develop a good social media marketing strategy
  • Engage on the three main social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Employ the right people to focus on your efforts

Social media is quickly becoming a popular way for B2B organizations to interact with buyers. If your business wants to stay engaged and relevant, it’s time to do some social networking.

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