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B2B business? Join the eCommerce bandwagon!

Earlier this year Forrester and EpiServer conducted a survey on the success of B2B eCommerce. Appropriately titled ‘B2B eCommerce gets results – Get on board now’, the report tells us how 100 different organizations with median annual revenues of one billion dollars in the US have implemented eCommerce solutions.

Here are some of things that the study revealed:

  • SaaS was welcomed: We recently spoke about the usefulness of Software as a Service (SaaS) in ‘SaaS – Simplify and enhance productivity’, so we were excited to know what these organizations thought of this method of software delivery. We found that most respondents were now paying less for their software, 39% of SaaS implementations cost less than $1 million. Seeing as a very small percent (10%) of on-premise eCommerce solutions cost less than that, this was great news.But that wasn’t all though, 92% reported that it had helped them reduce overall costs as well.
  • Revenues rose: We found out that 98% of them had a growth in revenue since implementing the software. Implementing an eCommerce store had helped nearly every one of their businesses grow from when they were purely brick-and-mortar firms.In fact, average increase in annual revenue of 55% was what 89% of respondents stated.
  • Customers were happier: 90% of the respondents reported to have had greater success in satisfying and retaining customers, and an equal number have had success in acquiring new customers as well. Establishing an eCommerce store seems to have empowered businesses to communicate with customers and prospective customers better, and to have a greater chance of creating a lasting relationship with them.

Forrester also reported the following key findings in their report:

  • B2B eCommerce solutions contribute significantly to key selling metrics and incremental revenue
  • SaaS B2B eCommerce solutions have the potential to save time and money in implementations
  • Best practices can ensure you stay on time and on budget during implementation
  • B2B companies should carefully define project goals and objectives, involve users throughout the implementation process, and engage with knowledgeable experts, both internally and externally

To help B2B businesses take advantage of the eCommerce growth phenomenon, Eclipse User Group is conducting an hour long webinar on the July 29, 2014, at 1pm EDT (1pm CT, Noon MT or 11am PST).

Here Joe Bennett, our Senior VP – North America will be introducing Unilog Content Solutions and CIMM2.Joe is an old hand in the B2B eCommerce industry, having been one of the first developers working on Eclipse (now owned by Epicor), and is now an expert with over two decades of experience in this area under his belt.

Register for your place in the webinar here!

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