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Best Practices for Personalizing the B2B eCommerce Experience

What is the value of getting an eCommerce experience right? According to Brendon Witcher, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester, it means everything today. Witcher is an authority on personalization in the digital space, which is why Unilog asked him to share his insight during their recent webinar.

If you missed this Unilog online event, you can click here to watch the webinar recording: Best Practices for Personalizing the B2B eCommerce Experience

Witcher says it’s not your products or services that will keep customers coming back because, most likely, there are other companies out there providing the same or similar offerings. If you want to ensure your buyers become repeat customers, you must create a great online experience. “Some businesses are so focused on conversion that they aren’t focusing on what their buyers really want,” explains Witcher.

So, what can you do to create a great experience? Since all buyers are built differently, there isn’t one solution to satisfy everyone. The key, Witcher says, is to identify the different satisfaction triggers of your customers and personalize their experience for those specific triggers.

He warns that you can’t just look at what your competitors are doing; you have to look at what your buyers are experiencing so you can understand their expectations. “Every time a buyer is exposed to an improved digital experience, their expectations for all their online experiences – including yours – raise to a higher level,” asserts Witcher.

The hour-long webinar is packed with information every distributor needs to know about personalization, including:

  • Today’s definition of personalization (which includes two key necessities)
  • Common mistakes businesses make when trying to personalize the experience
  • Opportunities to enable consistent experiences across all buying lifecycle stages
  • Five recommendations to build a solid personalization strategy
  • Examples of great B2B personalization experiences

Also in the webinar, Scott Frymire, Unilog’s SVP of Marketing, demonstrates some of the specific tools within their eCommerce platform that allow businesses to create personalized buyer experiences. With a powerful CMS, insightful analytics, and newly released user tools, Unilog’s all-in-one digital solution helps make every engagement with buyers valuable and relevant.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can use digital to solve customer pain points and deliver a satisfying personalized experience. Click here to watch the Unilog webinar in its entirety: Best Practices for Personalizing the B2B eCommerce Experience

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