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CIMM2 makes a splash!

We have some great news to share on our flagship enterprise eCommerce platform CIMM2. As much as you love your own, it’s always wonderful to hear someone else agree. Right now we’re excited about two stories that are happening around CIMM2 – The Reynolds Company, one of our customers has reported that their site is doing better than ever with CIMM2, and our long time customers supplyFORCE told us why they chose CIMM2 over other platforms.

The Reynolds Company is one of the leading electrical supply wholesale distributors in the US. We helped them take their site live this November with CIMM2 at the helm. We wanted to know how they found CIMM2 and so after a quick check they came back to us with impressive results. Their new site was doing extremely well, in the very first month they’d seen a 2x increase in the number of sessions and a 3x increase in the number of visitors and page views they were receiving. We were also happy to learn that CIMM2’s mobile optimization was helping them get more than 2x the number of visitors from mobile devices, and desktop traffic too had doubled in a single month. And this gives a great fillip to their omni-channel eCommerce strategy.

SupplyFORCE is a leading provider of Maintenance Repairs and Operations (MRO) supplies and has been using CIMM2 to power their eCatalog and eCommerce capabilities for over two years now. Recently their chief operating officer, John Ludlam, told us why they’d chosen CIMM2 over other eCommerce platforms when they had to make the decision.He told us how only CIMM2 was the only platform that owned and offered all the capabilities they were looking for. Here’s what he had to say – Unilog’s enterprise eCommerce platform gives B2B distributors a chance to compete with AmazonSupply.

Find out what makes CIMM2 a great option for B2B manufacturers and distributors and learn more about its many capabilities.

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