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CIMM2 – The E-Catalog Software for You

We’ve already discussed choosing the right catalog software for your eCommerce storefront in our earlier blog – How to Choose the Best E-Catalog Software for You. You may be interested to know that not only does CIMM2 have all these features, but also many more. Let’s have a look at each of the essential E-Catalog software features and how CIMM2 caters to them, thereby making the experience satisfying for both the vendor organization’s employees (users) and its customers (customers):

  • Easy to implement and use:
    CIMM2 does not require the user to be backed by a team of experts at every turn. With an intuitive interface, most users will be able navigate and utilize the basic features with little effort. The advanced features are well documented, with images, in the simple and easy to understand user guide.

  • Web-enabled, cost-effective technology:
    We know that having a powerful eCommerce software installed locally on the organization’s systems and servers can be expensive and labor intensive, which is why CIMM2 comes as a cloud-based SaaS solution as well which helps organizations reduce expenses. By having the solution on the cloud, it eliminates the need for an in-house IT team. This is particularly beneficial for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which will lack the resources to keep such a team on hand.

  • Integration with ERP and other applications:
    Organizations always have numerous back-end applications taking care of their operations, and it’s important that the E-Catalog software integrates with them. This is something that CIMM2 does effortlessly, thereby reducing any effort that might have been needed by the organization to convert and transfer these files manually. CIMM2’s Data Sync capabilities, available in its Data Export/Import module can be put to good use in this situation.

  • Complimentary and Supplementary Products:
    According to us, one of the most important features that a catalog can have is the recommendations capability. With this users will be able to help customers by providing a list of ‘can be used with’ and/or alternatives to the product being viewed. These features are crucial because they aid the users’ organization in cross-selling and up-selling to its customers. Users can work with the Taxonomy and Master Data Management modules in CIMM2 to accomplish this.

  • Relevant Resources:
    We found that today’s customer loves being educated about the product. Additionally, an educated customer will find you appealing as a reliable source of product information, which is why it’s recommended that they be given some material to read as they browse the products. This material may be in the form of product brochures, specification sheets, etc. These relevant documents can be added to the necessary pages by utilizing CIMM2’s Media/Asset Management module.

  • View Modification and Cart Access:
    CIMM2 makes the application of filters and sorters easy for both the user and the customer. Moreover, the user can provide the customer with the ‘Add to Cart’ feature and the ‘Compare Items’ feature. Now these features are essential and no E-Catalog solution is complete without them, which is why they are in-built in CIMM2. Customers will be able to pin-point their preferred product with only a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Sales and Marketing support:
    The sales and marketing teams for your website will need more than just data access, they need to be able to make promotions and collect reports. They should be to use every inch of space on the website for branding purposes by placing ads, offers, sales, coupons and more. To do this the user can leverage the power of CIMM2’s Web Live Management module. Its Price Management module can also be used to manage offers and discounts on products for particular periods. With CIMM2’s Reports Management module the teams will have no problems in understanding what your customers are interested in and what will help you achieve your revenue goals.

Now armed with the knowledge of choosing eCommerce software, and the capabilities of CIMM2, here’s a handy check list to compare it to other products in the market to help you find the best e-catalog software for you: Check List.

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