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CIMM2 Users: Build Stellar Product Catalogs with Our New InDesign Print Catalog Plug-In

Unilog customers have a new tool to add to their digital marketing toolkit: an InDesign print catalog plug-in that lets them create custom, printable product catalogs and sales flyers directly through their CIMM2 platform. Our newly released plug-in takes advantage of all the product content, images and other information stored in the CIMM2 PIM to let businesses that have Adobe InDesign page layout software build a variety of sales materials.

Recently demoed at the March 2017 CIMM2 Users Group Meeting, the plug-in is now available to CIMM2 users, with several of them already utilizing it. People create the catalog in InDesign (page layout software) and the plug-in communicates and brings data/images from the CIMM2 database.

The module’s print catalog functionality is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Select a workbook or subsets of products
  2. Choose one of the prebuilt templates to create the catalog in InDesign
  3. Select the Taxonomy attributes you want included

Then, with just a push of a button, the plug-in communicates with CIMM2 to bring all the selected data and images from the CIMM2 database together into a publishable catalog, complete with all the fonts and links needed for a graphic artist to use in order to finalize the piece.

Pam Pilch, Client Servicing Manager at Unilog, explains how the InDesign plug-in takes the hassle out of creating a product catalog from scratch. “This new plug-in is a huge time saver,” says Pilch. “Customers no longer need to source or manually enter their data to create a product catalog. It’s all right there in CIMM2; they simply choose which products and what information they want to include in the catalog and it publishes a great sales piece.”

The CIMM2 plug-in lets companies create different print pieces for a variety of needs, from manufacturer- and customer-specific catalogs to sales flyers promoting a line of products. With the CIMM2 InDesign print catalog plug-in, the sky’s the limit. Here’s an example of a catalog page created with the plug-in:

CIMM2 InDesign print catalog plug-in features:

  • Built specifically for CIMM2 users
  • Takes advantage of your enriched content and images in the PIM
  • Requires no manual data entry
  • Builds a complete InDesign file for print and PDF output
  • Files are compatible with both PC and Mac computers

If you missed the demo of the plug-in at the CUG meeting and you’d like to see just how easy it works, register for our free IN DESIGN (ADD ON) webinar on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm or contact Aung Latt, VP – Sales Operations, to order the plug-in for your CIMM2 platform today.

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