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Get a Better Online Presence Faster with New Go90 Program

Unilog’s Go90 Implementation Program Gives Customers a Full-Service eCommerce Site in 90 Days

Time-to-value is critically important to businesses today, which is why every month you’re not online is a missed opportunity to serve customers. As a wholesaler or distributor, you have unique eCommerce functionality and performance needs, but that shouldn’t be the cause of or reason for a lengthy implementation. For this reason, Unilog has launched a new eCommerce implementation program that provides B2B companies with a fully functional and robust website in 90 business days. You read that right – 90 business days. With our new Go90 program, we’ll get your website live in 90 days, complete with a branded design, easy-to-navigate interface, online product catalog, and all the core B2B functionality you need to run your online business.

When it comes to robust feature offerings, Unilog has dominated the B2B eCommerce arena because we know what it takes to meet the needs of today’s distributors, as well as the demands of B2B buyers. In order to deliver our Go90 rapid implementation program to you, we’ve fundamentally changed our organizational structure, our methodology, and our code base. The result is a best-in-class implementation in a short timeframe so you can begin reaping the benefits of a digital sales channel in just a few months. Brian Lombardo, Vice President of Solution Delivery at Unilog, leads the Go90 program and is excited to offer this innovative commerce offering to customers. “Go90 is a game-changer in the market,” says Lombardo. “No other eCommerce vendor can offer a better, more comprehensive platform in such a short amount of time.”

A solid foundation for Go90 success

There are four main pillars to any eCommerce site implementation: design, functionality, content, and integration. Through years of experience and dominance in the B2B commerce space, Unilog has productized all four of these foundational components to create a solid backbone for our Go90 program, and give our customers a quicker, more competitive edge in the marketplace.


With hundreds of implementations under our belt, Unilog has learned what page layouts work best and resonate most with buyers. The result is a Go90 design template that offers superb site flow and navigation to enhance the customer experience and drive conversions. We then personalize the template with your logo and brand colors to make it your own.


We’ve leveraged customer input and industry best practices to develop a page and feature structure that flows naturally and easily for B2B buyers. Our site search, navigation, and functionality give visitors all the tools they need to search for and purchase products – auto-suggest search bar assistance, faceted navigation for product filtering, a product compare tool, and complete shopping cart and checkout functionality with shipping and payment options. There’s even a customer portal available where buyers can review their order history, view invoices, and manage their account.


Rich content is a huge traffic driver to a website. If you don’t have robust product data for your catalog offerings, Unilog can help you leverage syndicated content through two of their industry partners: Affiliated Distributors (AD) and Orgill. We’ve helped build enormous libraries of product for these organizations, which you can subscribe to and have ready to publish on your website when you launch.

“Access to syndicated content is a huge advantage for our customers because that rich content is already there and ready to use,” explains Lombardo. “While product content is not included as part of Go90, it is a benefit of partnering with us. Site implementation is only one arm of our business; we also provide content enrichment services, either as unique content development, or through our discounted syndicated content partners.”


If you want a standalone website that doesn’t interact with enterprise systems like your ERP and doesn’t include standard B2B workflows and capabilities, then there are basic website offerings available in the market. However, if you want a fully functioning website that communicates and syncs with all your backend systems and third-party applications, you need a flexible platform that’s fully integrable. Over the years, we’ve become familiar with the leading ERP vendors out there (and several more obscure ERPs), as well as the systems and versions they’re using to make your business run. We’ve taken that knowledge and used it to streamline the connectivity of our product to these backend systems using a set of APIs. We’ve also built integrations for many other third-party applications like payment gateways and freight carriers to ensure your data is up to date and synchronized across your enterprise.

Build a presence with Go90 now, then add customization later

Many times organizations feel they need a stellar website with custom functionality right out of the gate in order to attract online customers. But Scott Frymire, SVP of Marketing at Unilog, says businesses should adopt a ‘walk before you run’ mentality if they really want to win in the online marketplace. “Your focus, first and foremost, should be to get people to your website,” explains Frymire. “Get your site live and functioning quickly, and then learn from it – find out what your customers like, what they don’t like, and what enhancements are necessary to improve their experience. Then you can evolve as you go forward, building your team as you build your site.”

For those distributors who may already have an eCommerce presence, but lack the technology, progressive capabilities, and integration, Go90 can put you a notch ahead of where you are today on the digital commerce maturity curve. “We’ll give you a significantly better site than you have right now, and then help you mature over time. You don’t want to attempt to leapfrog the market leaders with the first iteration of your B2B site and then fail in your attempt,” maintains Frymire.

The Go90 program has guardrails in place to ensure Unilog and its customers meet the expectations and milestones they’ve committed to in order to implement the site in 90 days. On top of that, Lombardo says, companies need to be ready organizationally, and have an empowered team in place. “Ninety days isn’t a lot of time, and there’s not a lot of wiggle room for project delays, so our customers need to be committed to the effort. Our success relies on the partnership between our two companies.”

If you’re ready to build a strong eCommerce presence in as little as 90 days, contact Unilog today. With Go90, there’s no hardware, no provisional services, and no strings attached. What you will get is a best-in-class eCommerce site that integrates with your ERP and offers your customers a superior online buying experience.

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