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How to Put Web Analytics into Action

Get Reliable, Actionable Insight from Google Analytics in Four Main Steps

Adding a digital branch to your business is a great way to move the needle to elevate your success. But if you want to gain greater ROI from your eCommerce sales channel, you must continue the momentum by tracking and measuring the data from your website. Only when you monitor your site’s performance can you improve its usability for buyers and its profitability to your organization. One way to do that is by using Google Analytics, a comprehensive tool that provides a deeper level of insight than any ERP system can ever offer. While your ERP can show your online transactions and revenue, it can’t pinpoint what is driving that revenue. Google Analytics, on the other hand, can tell you exactly how buyers are using your site, what issues may be keeping them from transacting, and if specific pages or site performance problems are causing visitor bounce rates.

Google’s Audience Overview report provides a visual summary of the engagement on your site.

Foodservice and jan/san supplier Hill & Markes relies heavily on Google Analytics and the in-built reporting tools in Unilog’s eCommerce platform to measure and track their website performance. “Quantifying our site helps realize and justify that we’re doing the right things,” explained Powers. “The trajectory we’re on is fantastic.”

With all the insight that Google Analytics provides, it’s surprising that more wholesale distributors aren’t taking advantage of it. If you’re one of them, is it because you’re overwhelmed by the data, skeptical of its benefits, or on board but lack the support to get started?

If you answered yes to any of the above reasons, we’re here to help. We’ve teamed with digital marketing and analytics expert Chris Jones to develop a step-by-step guide to implement Google Analytics for your digital channel. This extensive white paper walks you through all the facets to set up and use Google Analytics – from configuring your data points and monitoring the best metrics to producing visual dashboards that display your site’s performance. You’ll learn just how powerful the Google Analytics tool is and gain critical learnings about the drivers behind your web sales.

Click here to download the Google Analytics for Wholesale Distributors white paper.

An analytics consultant like Jones can create a more advanced dashboard using a customized web application.

Also included in this guide:

  • Detailed screen shots that walk through the analytics tool’s settings so you don’t miss the core options to enable or data to exclude
  • Actual examples of Google Analytics reports to illustrate the clarity and impact they provide
  • Overviews with snapshots of four different types of dashboards you can create to visualize your metrics
  • A simple yet effective site optimization equation for calculating and improving your online success

Jones’ foolproof optimization formula is comprised of just four core metrics but, as he demonstrates in the white paper, even the smallest positive changes to those variables will increase your revenue.

Create simple eCommerce dashboards, like this one, using data from Google Analytics

With step-by-step instructions, supplemental visuals, and secret tips from an analytics pro, this comprehensive guide is a must-have for any small to mid-sized distributor with an eCommerce site. Download your copy today so you can begin using your online data to improve your digital branch.

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