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If Content is King, then eCommerce is his Queen

I was flipping through the radio today when I heard Dion singing King without a Queen. I laughed thinking about how often I have stated to distributors that “Content is King”, yet nobody asked who is his Queen? In fact earlier this year I was quoted in a trade magazine stating the importance of content to distributors by saying “Content is King”.

Now I’m singing a more complete song. Now I’m stating, “If Content is King, then eCommerce is his Queen”. In other words content and eCommerce go hand in hand and you need both to truly have a well-rounded eCommerce or omni-channel strategy.

What’s the purpose of having a great sports car if you have no gas? What’s the purpose of buying mobile applications from a company if you don’t have the content (both marketing and product content) to fuel that engine? Likewise, why pay for an eCommerce site if you don’t have a strategy to create B2C style product content?

However, when distributors look at solution providers, I believe they will hit a roadblock. They will not find one company that can meet their needs – with the exception of Unilog Content Solutions.

The problem is similar to a physical problem I had when building my house. I wanted to have a whole-house audio/video system, I also wanted to have a security system, I also wanted a camera system, I also wanted a programmable HVAC system and I wanted all these systems to work together – to act as one system! In the end, I had to invest an enormous amount of my time and effort to integrate these disparate solutions together.

Unilog Content Solutions is proud to introduce a new class of software. A software category we are calling enterprise commerce platform. CIMM2 is our enterprise content platform and it is one system with the following components:

  • PIM – Product Information Management System
  • CMS – Content Management System (Content on your web pages / events / etc.)
  • Search – How your users can search content / taxonomy / manufacturers / product data
  • Cart – The commerce portion of the site

CIMM2 will power responsive web pages, but also generate your native mobile applications! Coupled with the fact that the genesis of Unilog Content Solutions is building first rate product content and the digital assets associated with them and you have the King and Queen.

I guess I’m saying check out Unilog Content Solutions and CIMM2 – the new technology Royal Family for SMB distributors.

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