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Integrated Marketing – What it Means for Your Organization

blog12Integrated marketing campaigns have become an ‘it’ term in the age of social media. But, what exactly is integrated marketing?

If you’ve developed a brand voice and applied it consistently across traditional and non-traditional marketing channels, then you have already experimented with integrated marketing. We use different promotional tactics across various mediums to reinforce each other, presenting a unified experience.
Keeping goals in mind when developing current marketing and sales strategies is important for the success of any integrated marketing campaign. The ideology that you want to get across needs to be built into all the messaging, integrated into every single aspect of your brand.

What is the advantage that a well-executed integrated marketing strategy offers you as a B2B player? The answer is simple – compelling integrated marketing will boost sales and help get an advantage over the competition.

Integrated marketing revolves around making the brand identifiable and memorable. In today’s overcrowded advertising and media space, building a personality for your brand that will produce awareness and recollection involves an integrated approach that plays across all marketing communication (think advertising, PR, design, product experience, customer service, etc.). Content you create must bear SEO in mind.

At the end of the day, the goal is to reach and retain customers. When you do what it takes in regards to an integrated marketing approach, you will be able to enhance the customer experience across all channels and get the most out of your campaign. When you have an integrated marketing approach, you are staying relevant to your audience, solidifying your company’s reputation and name.

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