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New eCommerce Program Gives Orgill Dealers an Affordable Way to Sell Online

Orgill’s latest eCommerce offering is giving their dealers a reason to celebrate. Recently announced at their 2019 Dealer Market, Orgill’s new Promotional eCommerce program provides Orgill retailers an affordable way to have an eCommerce presence and give their customers the added convenience of ordering select products online.

This new website offering is a scaled-down version of Orgill’s Integrated eCommerce program built by Unilog, which was made available to their dealer partners in 2018. “Orgill’s retail partners want to compete online, but some just can’t afford to build a full-fledged eCommerce website,” explains Noah Kays, VP of Content Delivery at Unilog. “Our Promotional eCommerce site gives them the ability to establish an online presence quickly, with only a minimal monthly investment.”

The Promotional eCommerce site is branded specifically for each dealer and includes their logo, brand colors, and information such as store locations and business hours. Site features include a basic search tool, taxonomy, and dropdown menu.

Each month, Orgill offers 50 to 100 different products through their internal BrandBase system which Promotional eCommerce dealers can choose to sell on their eCommerce site. These products are pulled from Orgill’s master product catalog that Unilog has enriched with robust content including product descriptions, images, complete specifications, and digital assets like manuals and spec sheets. Rich product data gives dealers an added competitive edge because it provides helpful information for shoppers and, as a result, drives more online traffic.

Once the enriched promotional products are made live on the dealer’s website, customers can place online orders and pick up and pay for the items at their local store. Currently, customers must pay for their purchase at the store, but Promotional eCommerce will soon be expanded so shoppers can pay online with a credit card when they place their order. This order online, pick up in store feature offers an added convenience for shoppers, and gives retailers the opportunity to bring more customers into their stores where they can build stronger connections with them.

In addition to managing their promotional items, Orgill’s user-friendly BrandBase tool also enables dealers to create personalized promotions and marketing circulars to help drive in-store traffic. With Orgill’s Promotional eCommerce program, dealers get a website with an easy-to-use content management system, enriched product data, and a promotion tracking and implementation tool.

Together, Orgill and Unilog have made it easy and affordable for every dealer – regardless of their size or sales volume – to create a strong online presence.

“We’re very pleased to offer our dealer partners this new way to increase eCommerce revenue and drive more foot traffic back to their physical stores,” says Orgill President Boyden Moore. “Our dealers have told us how important it is to them to be able to compete with a meaningful eCommerce solution that supports their local business. We’re glad that our work with Unilog provides another solution for our dealers to consider.”

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