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New Topics, Deeper Dives and Industry Experts Highlight E-VOLVE 2018

Customers attending Unilog’s 2018 CIMM2 Users Group can expect quite a few different offerings than at past conferences. The fourth annual event has itself evolved into a more extensive and interactive two-day meeting to further educate users on the CIMM2 platform and B2B eCommerce trends. Unilog’s team of presenters will be joined by CIMM2 customers and industry professionals who will share their knowledge and expertise in a variety of session formats that encourage attendee engagement.

What’s different at E-VOLVE 2018:

  • More roundtables: We’re offering additional opportunities to sit with colleagues to discuss hot topics, tackle challenges and make connections. Featured is an ERP roundtable that will give attendees a chance to network with other businesses who have the same ERP providers, discuss common issues they may be encountering, and discuss their ERP integration with CIMM2.
  • More sessions led by customers: With more Unilog customers becoming CIMM2 subject-matter experts, we’re having them share their strategies and successes with attendees. Mike Powers from Hill & Markes will be chronicling his company’s e-commerce journey and sharing their proven methods to improve customer adoption. In addition, we have a customer panel planned to give people the opportunity to exchange learnings and advice with their CIMM2 colleagues.
  • More presentations from industry experts: Joining our Unilog experts will be B2B commerce authorities who will share the latest industry trends and strategies to help businesses achieve eCommerce success. We’ll feature multiple sessions by Real Results Marketing, a consulting firm dedicated to growing revenue for small- to mid-sized distributors, as well as presentations by eCommerce strategy and execution consultants B2X Partners. Plus, you’ll get the chance to meet and hear from our newest Unilog senior executives who bring a wealth of commerce, technology and marketing experience.
  • Deeper dives into more topics: Along with adding new topics to the meeting agenda, we’ll also be providing more in-depth discussions. We’ll help customers gain a better understanding of e-commerce tools like analytics, search and SEO, and offer a comprehensive look at the importance of digital marketing and customer journey mapping.

As you integrate and evolve your eCommerce, rely on Unilog to help you on your journey. Join us at E-VOLVE 2018 for engaging discussions, personalized support and optimal solutions that will keep your company competitive in the digital marketplace. Be sure to register by January 12, 2018 to secure our early bird rates.

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