Deck your e-stores with some candy! Social Commerce: Tips for the New Era

If the product’s alive, shoot it!

eCommerce players have been making the customer experience better over the past few years with the introduction of great on-site search and navigation, crisp well shot product images and,candid and concise product descriptions. So what more could they give customers? The answer is – Videos!

eCommerce sites have started uploading videos for products that relate to its use or to its features. Sellers have started providing videos on large eCommerce sites like Amazon, and on some other sites, users or product reviewers are uploading videos as well. As a manufacturer or distributor of B2B products, you have the freedom to bridge the gap! Videos go a long way in helping a potential customer see the value of a product through more than just a description. Here are some other ways that videos help customers:

  • Videos show the product as it actually is, the customer gets to view product’s actual size or color
  • Handling the product is demonstrated which makes it simpler for the customer to operate it themselves
  • Major features are shown at work, which gives the customer the confidence that it will deliver what is promised
  • Your knowledge and skill in handling the product is bound to impress the customer and hence helps build brand image

So what should videos on your eCommerce site be like? Here are some guidelines to follow when creating product videos:

  • Short – Learning about the product is interesting to your customer, but during their work day your customers can’t spare an hour for a long video. Limit the video to a maximum of five minutes. If you want to explain a lot of things, make more than one video. Have each video cover a set of features that are likely to be used together, that way the customer can watch each one when they have time.
  • Sweet – What the product can do? Make sure your video covers the major features and functions. Don’t forget to cover the USP in detail. Throwing in a couple of minor features that may come in handy is also a good way to go.
  • Succulent – The video content has to be juicy! A dreary video listing out the features with a model pointing at the product is not going to impress people who have to shoulder a company’s needs. Show an employee who knows what’s what handling the product like a pro. Have the presenter make a joke or two to keep thing interesting, but don’t let that be the highlight of the video – that spot’s reserved for the product.

By making the product the star of a video, you can make sure it gets the attention it deserves.There are quite a few organizations that also upload their videos to YouTube and Vimeo;so look to those for inspiration. Whether you would like the videos to be produced in house or through an external agency is a call you’ll have to make depending on the resources at hand, either way you need to make sure that the videos are have great audio, visual and content quality.


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