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Suchit Bachalli Gets Candid During Interview with Nathan Latka

If you want to get the skinny on Unilog – from a quick history and customer breakdown to annual recurring revenue lines – check out Nathan Latka’s 15-minute interview with Unilog’s CEO, Suchit Bachalli. Latka is a CEO, author, and executive producer and host of “The Top” podcast, where he interviews a CEO each day to get the big numbers and little-known facts about entrepreneurial companies and their leaders.

In his fast and furious interview with Latka, Bachalli shares Unilog’s humble beginnings as a product content service provider, and their transformation into a global technology company with the development of their radically different product – the CIMM2 SaaS eCommerce platform.

With full transparency and candor, Bachalli reveals interesting nuggets of information, including:

  • How SaaS has become their fastest-growing piece of business
  • Their current sales cycle and customer acquisition costs
  • The surprisingly small but mighty size of their sales team
  • The two main business drivers in his core leadership team
  • His most influential business read this year

To learn these revelations and more, check out the entire 15-minute interview with Bachalli at the link here.

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