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The Complete Product Page

A visitor to your eCommerce site has ventured past your home page and found their way to the page that hosts the product they’re considering purchasing. This page is crucial because this is where your organization gets to make its second impression, the first being the design, search and navigation on your site. Here’s where you show that you know what’s important for a customer and you present it to them.

The product page is where you get to show that you aren’t your everyday eCommerce store. You don’t just want the customer to come to the page and buy something and get out, but want to provide them with the information that provides them with the confidence to choose a product.So what does it take to make a product page complete?

Here is some of the important content and the way they should feature on your product page:

  • Product name with focus on important details (including product code for easy search):
    • Bad: Red paint, 5L metal
    • Good: Dripp Salamander, metal paint (red), 5 Liters [DSMP-05.0]
  • Product features with short but informative bullets:
    • Bad:
      • Red paint can, 5L (repeats title information)
      • Uses a patented technology to provide a rust proof coating to your metal equipment for years to come (long-winded)
    • Good:
      • Metal paint in a shade of fiery red
      • Provides RustySlick™ anti-rust coating
  • Product images:A lot of sites have a selection of 3-4 photos and while this is adequate for a basic look at the product, customers will be able to appreciate photos of the product showing important features.Ex: If your product is a copier, the customer might appreciate a picture of the paper trays showing the sizes accommodated and a picture of the control panel to show the settings available.
  • Product videos:We just covered the importance of having and great video on your product page in our blog – If the product’s alive, shoot it! – have a look at it and remember to place the video prominently.

In addition to this, it is important that the design of the page be neat and uncluttered. While having relevant content is important, cluttering the page will only make it hard for the customer to find what they want.

A product page created with these guidelines in mind will help a customer be sure that they’ve found the product that fits their needs. It will also show that you understand what the customer needs to make a sound decision and that you care about helping them in the process. It is a great way to improve customer experience and deliver a satisfying shopping experience.

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