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The Return of the App

mobileThe popularity of mobile shopping applications is BACK and we’re tracking the reemergence! The capabilities of mobile devices have evolved in the past few years. Apps were once nothing more than a “cool” extension of online stores and today represent an entire shopping experience for many customers. With m-commerce only set to expand, the role of the mobile app is more important than ever. But why do you, as a B2B store owner NEED an app on your customers’ handheld devices?

  • Improved Shopping Experience
    A mobile app givesshoppers a friendly interface withsimpler functionality. Whereas a desktop customer has the luxury to look at all of the options, a mobile or tablet customer does not. Every button included in the interface, whether for navigation or order management, must be essential for the customer.

  • Faster Access
    A mobile app is a quick doorway to your eCommerce store as a customer doesn’t have to navigate through a tiny browser. Because the app can be accessed anywhere through Wi-Fi and mobile data packs, the customer can place an order from any location. This will come in handy to customers whose teams work offsite or are constantly on the move.

  • Offline Shopping
    The downside to having an online store is not being able to reach customers offline. A mobile app can have some great functionality offline that enable customers to view purchase history, create wish-lists, and much more. When they are able to connect with the online store, shoppers are already in the last step of the purchasing process.

  • Greater Customization
    With a mobile app it becomes easier for you to provide the customer with customized product suggestions and recommendations. Using the customer’s search and purchase history from the app, offers can be customized to theirprofessional needs.

  • Mobile Features
    Smart phones have amazing features that your mobile app can leverage to improve customer engagement and user experience. Using functionalities like GPS tracking, or the camera, your app can be a great shopping tool. While adopting the Internet of Things to decrease show-rooming may be the next step in the physical store vendors’ arsenal, you can still help your customer locate stores and scan product codes with one simple step.

  • Simplify Promotions
    It can be hard to carry out promotions and branding for products and stores. With a mobile app it’s much easier because you’re reaching out directly to your customer, no matter where they are. Whether it’s promoting a holiday sale or showcasing a new line of products, it’s as easy as sending a push notification to the app.

We believe that with new technology like smart watches and smart glasses, it’s going to be more important for online stores to start broadening their reach.

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