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Mayer Electric Supply

Project Details
CLIENT Mayer Electric Supply
LOCATION Birmingham, AL
INDUSTRY Electrical Supplies
Upgrade and Redesign

Mayer Electric evolves their digital presence to bring new features and a streamlined look to their electrical supplies website


An early adopter of e-commerce, Mayer Electric launched their first digital commerce website with Unilog Content Solutions in early 2012. Powered by Unilog’s original CIMM platform, the site gave customers the ability to shop and transact for electrical products, as well as manage their accounts, all in one convenient place. As Mayer’s business grew and evolved, the distributor realized so should their online offerings. However, when Mayer’s team tried adding custom functionality and enhancements to their website, they found they had outgrown the Unilog legacy software. When Swamy Mahesh, Unilog’s CTO and VP of US Operations, became aware of their issues, he suggested Mayer upgrade to the latest CIMM2 e-commerce platform. More advanced, powerful and flexible, Mahesh knew CIMM2 would give Mayer the opportunity to evolve their e-business easily and economically.


Mahesh explained the advantages CIMM2 offered over the original platform to Mayer Electric’s VP and CIO, Barry Carden. Built for scalability and efficiency, CIMM2’s Google cloud-based platform featured better content management, advanced search capabilities and a responsive design. Mahesh told Carden that, with CIMM2, Mayer could have the enhancements they wanted, and Unilog would be there to support them on their e-commerce journey. “Ultimately, it was a dual decision that Swamy and I made to move to the new platform,” said Carden. “Then, along the way, we discussed doing a redesign as well so that we could make some cosmetic changes and add better flow to the site.”

The Mayer website project became a head-to-toe makeover that also included the distributor’s specific requests:

  • Incorporate a new job management feature with a “will call” option so buyers could order online and pick up their supplies the same day at their nearest branch
  • Upgrade the punchout functionality for RFQs to provide a more integrated, smoother workflow
  • Add a Quick Links dropdown menu for customer service inquiries
  • Streamline the navigation so buyers can find products and web pages easier
  • Convert to a responsive site design and provide a mobile app
  • Develop a more modern look and design

To ensure the project stayed on task and on time, Unilog assigned a dedicated client servicing manager (CSM) and utilized Salesforce – a comprehensive customer relationship management tool – to post questions, manage deliverables and keep the lines of communication flowing between the client, Unilog’s production team in India and its U.S. operations.

The Unilog CSM hosted weekly client meetings, clarified action steps and made sure the project was a success. “Our CSM really owned the project. He was our advocate, and was there to make it happen,” said Carden. “He took care of things and relieved the stress for us.”


Mayer’s platform upgrade and redesign took only six months to complete. Once it went live, the site’s improved functionality and features became a game-changer for the company. First and foremost, the site is now a lot easier to use. “With the old site, we were getting lots of customer calls asking how to find information on the site, so we were spending a lot of time navigating them around,” admitted Carden. After the redesign, Carden says customers can find products more easily and see all their customer account information in one place – which means less calls made to Mayer for help.

“There’s been a reduction in customer service calls, without a doubt,” remarked Carden. “Now, customers who are logged in through Quick Links can print invoices, review their proof of deliveries, find spec sheets from suppliers and see their contracted pricing for products. All things related to customer inquiries are now right in front of them.”

In addition to creating the more prominent and user-friendly Quick Links, Unilog also redesigned the navigation and filtering functionality to shop Mayer’s 40,000-item product catalog. What once was a busy home page consisting of lots of product categories and a cumbersome process to find a product, has transformed into a more useful page with a category dropdown menu that lets customers quickly drill down to find a specific item. By consolidating and redesigning the category navigation, Carden says they are now able to provide more relevant information on the home page, like featured products and new product offerings.

Mayer is pleased with the positive feedback they have received from customers, as well as the increase in site traffic. In the past year, the number of people using the Mayer site has grown 36%, and more buyers have set up accounts in order to utilize their portal. “Customers like the fact that whether they’re at the office or on the job site, they can get what they want when they need it from the new site,” said Carden. “It makes us, and the customer, more efficient.”


While Mayer is enjoying the success of their revamped site, the company realizes it’s not a one-and-done proposition. They continue to meet weekly with Unilog to discuss new functionality and opportunities in their ongoing efforts to improve the user experience. “Our intent is not to get everyone buying online; we just want our site to be a resource for our customers,” explained Carden. “Whether you want to accept the fact or not, people are moving to a more mobile, digital world, so we must continue to change and evolve to keep up.”

About Mayer Electric Supply

Ranked among the nation’s largest and most rapidly expanding distributors of electrical supplies, Mayer Electric has over 50 locations across the southeastern United States, and continues to explore expansion opportunities. Founded in 1930 and headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Mayer employs over 1,200 people and has annual sales of over $817 million.

About Unilog/CIMM2

Unilog is a global technology and services company that specializes in eCommerce solutions and enriched product catalogs for the B2B marketplace. Unilog’s flagship product, CIMM2, is a fully integrated eCommerce platform designed to fit the unique requirements of the wholesale distribution industry.

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