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Porter Pipe & Supply

Project Details
CLIENT Porter Pipe & Supply
LOCATION Illinois and Indiana
PROJECT Digital Commerce Overhaul
RESULTS Revamped Website, Marketing Assistance, Increased Customer Engagement


Porter Pipe & Supply (Porter) is a B2B wholesale supplier of a wide range of products, including commercial plumbing supplies, pipes, valves and fittings, HVACR equipment, and industrial and mechanical products. Porter’s tagline “Partnership with Purpose” supports the company’s full-service approach to working with every customer and supplier.

Though the company had a proactive approach to customer service, it also had an extremely outdated online store with very basic functionality. As a result, customers rarely used it.

“We didn’t like what we had since we always want to be innovative. That’s why we were looking to not just catch up with current times, but also get ahead of the pack,” said eCommerce Specialist Michael Slaboszewski. “We wanted to completely update and revamp the entire eCommerce system and have a website that aligns with what Porter is about—providing the best possible products and services.”

Seeking a company that could help, Michael researched eCommerce website creators. After attending several demos, it was easy to see that Unilog was the frontrunner in its space.

“I wasn’t looking to have a website just to make sales,” said Michael. “I wanted an intuitive and user-friendly website that would be a tool for our customer base, as well as our internal team and even some vendors. That’s what Unilog provided.”


Unilog creates award-winning B2B eCommerce websites that transform the customers’ experience. From predictive site search capabilities and product content to customer-specific pricing and self-service features, websites developed through the Unilog platform are designed to revolutionize how customers  interact with companies like Porter.

Porter’s new full-featured site also includes updated workflows and an optimized ordering process to provide customers added convenience and efficiencies. But the wholesale supplier is not finished: Its digital roadmap is slated to add even more website enhancements in the future.

“We continue to add more content  because we have products that we plan on adding in the future,” said Michael. “We plan to modify the taxonomy structure to better align with industry needs. We also have  upcoming integrations with a chat tool and mobile app—working with Unilog—to further enhance the online experience.”

How the teams at Porter and Unilog work in partnership ensures that Porter will always have a cutting edge eCommerce website.


Revamped Website
“Our new eCommerce website blends seamlessly with all of our current static pages,” said Michael.  “That visual improvement is important to us.”

Marketing Assistance
The Unilog team works with Porter to generate content for marketing the new eCommerce website.

Increased Customer Engagement
Porter’s new website is not just for making sales. It’s a tool that customers can use to learn about Porter’s products and services without having to call.

About Unilog

Unilog is a global technology company that delivers powerful, affordable eCommerce solutions for the B2B marketplace. Our cloud-based eCommerce platform and product data enrichment services help distributors, manufacturers, and specialty hardgoods retailers increase online sales, reduce cost to serve, and enhance their digital channel. For more information, visit www.unilogcorp.com.

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