Letter from Unilog CEO Suchit Bachalli (3/15/20)

Considering recent global events surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we want you to know that we have prepared a strategy to ensure continuity of business and maintain standards of service for our customers.

Our top priority is keeping employees and their families safe while minimizing any negative impacts on your business.

We take our responsibility as a global business very seriously. This includes helping to contain the spread of the virus within our many offices and in the larger community. We have already taken the following precautions at Unilog:

  • Restrict travel to ensure limited exposure among our employees
  • Accommodate our staff by setting up work-from-home stations wherever possible
  • Educate on disinfecting procedures throughout our facilities

Thankfully, we can operate 100% of our technical infrastructure remotely. Specifically, we can easily maintain the network infrastructure that supports your live websites and staging environments.

As the situation evolves, we will continue to adapt our plans to address the health and well-being of our community, our customers, and our employees. And we will continue to execute our protocols to mitigate any interruptions to product development, implementations, content services, and customer support.

Should we anticipate any impact to one of your projects, we will proactively communicate the situation directly with your company and set proper expectations.

Though this is a challenging time for us all, I am heartened to see how we have banded together as a global community to take the appropriate measures to contain the spread of this pandemic.

If there is any way we can support your business through this unprecedented event, please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally.