• Gartner Report: Mitigate Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Impacts With Digital Commerce

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With the current pandemic we’re in, many companies are asking, “How do we make it through this and what happens after the storm?” Those that have yet to go through a digital transformation are finding themselves faced with difficult decisions. With an inability to meet customers face-to-face, companies must determine how to best service customers in a quality manner.

According to Gartner, the leading research and advisory company in the world, now is the time for a digital response!

“By 2021, organizations with robust, scalable digital commerce will outperform noncommerce organizations by 30 percentage points in sales growth by better using digital channels during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

– Gartner

Download a complimentary copy of Garner’s report, Mitigate Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Impacts With Digital eCommerce, courtesy of Unilog. We believe inside, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare service reps for COVID-19-related inquiries
  • Use customer journey maps to prioritize steps that can be digitized
  • Build a checklist to address pressures on systems, supplies, and deliveries
  • Develop digital product extensions suitable for delivering online

The information in this report will help you maintain your business through this tumultuous time and enhance your future customer experience and revenue growth.


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