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B2B Companies Can Have New eCommerce Sites in 90 Days: Unilog

Unilog to dramatically cut time-to-market for wholesale distributors

WAYNE, Pa., September 9, 2019 — Companies that want to put up an excellent new eCommerce site quickly should call Unilog, the company announced today. Unilog — which offers powerful, affordable eCommerce solutions to midmarket B2B companies — now guarantees that it will get top-of-the-line digital commerce sites up and running within 90 days.

In a recent market survey, Unilog learned that more than 50% of eCommerce site implementations were taking other vendors and implementors more than 9 months to deliver. Inspired by the study, Unilog developed the Unilog Go90™ rapid implementation program to help distributors hit the ground running much faster.

“Unilog gave us a complete website refresh, a storefront with over 300,000 SKUs, and a fully functional catalog… all within such a short time frame,” said Ajay Kamble, CIO at Turtle & Hughes, one of the nation’s largest independent electrical and industrial distribution companies. “That’s an achievement only the best in the industry can deliver.”

To deliver on this promise, Unilog brought in new executive talent to restructure their solutions delivery team and made several enhancements to their digital commerce platform. “The eCommerce platform is based on the idea that everything should be easily configurable without the need for deep technical knowledge,” said Brian Lombardo, Unilog’s Vice President of Service Delivery. “That, along with our API-first architecture and deep knowledge of our customers’ ERP systems, allows us to deliver an exceptional digital commerce experience in an unprecedented short amount of time.”

“Having performed hundreds of eCommerce implementations, Unilog understands what a strong, progressive eCommerce site should look like,” said Unilog CEO Suchit Bachalli. “We have built a repeatable process for quickly delivering a best-in-class digital experience that your customers will love.”

The initial site implementation includes connectivity to the customer’s backend ERP system and includes more than 100 best-practice capabilities for B2B eCommerce sites, including:

  • Customer-specific pricing
  • Intelligent site search
  • Content and promotions management
  • Featured manufacturers and brands
  • Predictive search with “type ahead” and image preview
  • Product sort and attribute filtering
  • Customer-specific part numbers
  • Customer-defined product groups
  • Quick order pad
  • Product comparisons
  • Related product recommendations
  • Order and invoice history

And nearly 100 other B2B eCommerce features, along with a cloud-based site management platform that includes a content management system (CMS), product information manager (PIM), configurable site search, and more.

“No one likes to go back to their CFO or leadership team to inform them that their eCommerce site is going to take longer than thought to launch or will exceed their original budget,” said Bachalli. “Unilog is paving the way to ensure customers always launch their site on time and on budget.”

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About Unilog

Unilog is a global technology company that delivers powerful, affordable eCommerce solutions for the B2B marketplace. Our cloud-based eCommerce platform and product data enrichment services help distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers increase online sales, reduce cost to serve, and enhance their digital channel. For more information, visit


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