• eCommerce Optimization

    Provide Customers with Detailed Product Information

Product content plays a significant role in the eCommerce customer experience. Customers need to be able to find your products easily, and they need accurate and relevant information to help them make an informed purchasing decision.
Unilog offers an array of eCommerce optimization services focused on providing the most logical and value-added information about your products, including:
Product descriptions

We take basic manufacturer data and transform it into rich, marketing-driven content that attracts customers and creates sales. Our enhanced product descriptions increase search rankings and give customers a wealth of product information.

Product attribute enrichment

Customers want more than basic specifications like color and length; they’re looking for specific and relevant attributes such as application usage and compatibility with other products. At Unilog, we extract attributes that are specific to your catalog of products and important to your customers.

Data cleansing

Since product data varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, we cleanse and normalize the sourced data so that it is presented to your customers in a standardized and complete manner. This includes removing duplicate data, filling in incomplete data and providing a uniform format. Cleansed data eliminates confusion and gives customers the ability to compare your products easily and accurately.

Taxonomy design

We refine the hierarchy, attributes and categories within your existing taxonomy to create a better framework and relevance to your data, making the search and browse capabilities of the content truly functional.

Image sourcing and editing

We source, edit and enhance product images to create a professional and consistent look across your entire product catalog, and to improve the user experience.

Digital asset collection

Digital assets go above and beyond product images. We collect brochures, product videos, data sheets and more to help your customers fully understand a product’s features and benefits

A better eCommerce experience leads to better outcomes. Let Unilog transform your product data into optimized, enriched content that drives traffic and increases conversions on your eCommerce site.
Send us 10 of your products, and we’ll send back our enriched content.