• New Product Setup

    Publish New Products Online Fast

Speed-to-market is what keeps you ahead of the competition. So when it comes to integrating new product lines and SKUs to your existing product catalog, count on Unilog to get them online quickly and accurately. We can set up small and large catalogs, with the ability to onboard 20,000 products in a month. Using efficient processes and industry best practices, we ensure new products are set up logically and positioned in relevant categories with the same attributes and values for optimal product comparison.
Data collection

We source product data and digital assets directly from manufacturers in order to gather the most up-to-date and accurate product information. We make sure to cross reference your part numbers with manufacturer part numbers to give you a single view of the product.

Data classification

After collecting all the product data, we classify the products to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the categorization process. To do this, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific taxonomy needs, and then we develop a plan to build competitive benchmarks and perform industry-specific research. All this is done to provide the best possible online experience for your customers.


Normalized data is key to providing customers a consistent and positive online experience. This includes formatting and standardizing information such as product bullets, product names and units of measure, as well as data deduplication to eliminate duplicate content and SKUs. We can use your existing style guide, or create one for you, in order to maintain format and style consistency.


New product data is optimized so it provides robust content for customers. This includes unique product descriptions, high-quality images and relevant attributes for the products.

If you’re looking to provide more product offerings for your customers, trust in Unilog. Whether you have 100 SKUs or 1,000,000, we can incorporate them into your current catalog of products efficiently and effectively.
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