• Product Data Management (PDM)

    Optimize Data Quality, Taxonomy Design, and More

Selling products on your eCommerce site is one thing; creating and managing all that product data is quite another. PDM involves all aspects of the product lifecycle, from sourcing and standardizing the data, to optimizing and delivering it to your different sales channels. Unilog offers both a la carte and end-to-end data management solutions tailored to your needs. Value-added PDM services we provide include:
Data quality analysis

We have the tools to provide an assessment of your data to determine where it stands in quality, consistency and SEO. Our analysis provides you with a baseline, and ongoing metrics highlight opportunities for improvement. Are you providing the information customers want about your products? Is your data accurate and up to date? We can help you answer those questions.

Taxonomy design

A good taxonomy design means users will be able to easily find the content they need. Our product experts build custom taxonomies that lay the foundation for solid content creation and item findability, and are relevant to both your company and your customers.

Data maintenance

Want someone else to manage product updates, build out new categories, or clean up your existing catalog? Unilog does it all. Our team will keep your product catalog up to date and optimized so you can focus on your customers.

Get a single, uniform view of your master data with our innovative CIMM2 PIM. It gives you the ability to manage large data catalogs across the organization, as well as outside of it. Already have a PIM? No problem. Unilog has worked with many different PIM systems so we can manage your data in whatever data management system you currently use. Click here to learn more about our PIM.

ETL assistance

Moving your content from a legacy system to a new ERP? Let Unilog extract, transform and load (ETL) the content into your new system for you. As part of our ETL services, we clean your data, normalize it and enrich it so your new content is consistent, relevant and fully optimized.

Unilog offers turn-key, end-to-end data management solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today for a free analysis that includes recommendations to clean, categorize, enrich and/or maintain your data.