The Definitive Guide to Implementing a B2B eCommerce Platform

The Definitive Guide to make sure your business achieves eCommerce success.


 The idea of implementing a B2B eCommerce site may seem exciting to some, stressful to others and even inconceivable to a few. After all, launching an online storefront is a huge undertaking. But, if you do your research, ask the right questions, and build a solid strategy, you’ll realize an eCommerce site is well worth the time and investment.

Digital commerce platforms have evolved considerably over the last 10 years to offer advanced technology and functionality to meet the unique needs of the wholesale marketplace. However, not all B2B commerce platforms are built alike or offer the same functionality, so it’s important to know your organization’s requirements as well as your customers’ needs before leaping into the digital world.

This guide provides key steps to take, questions to ask and tools to consider during your eCommerce journey – from pre-implementation and planning to post-launch.

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