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Why Unilog?

A B2B eCommerce site is more than just an online shopping cart. It requires great content, product information management, intuitive search, integration with your  ERP software, and more.

Unilog provides all of this in one turnkey solution.

eCommerce Technology

CIMM2 contains all the tools you need: PIM, Experience Management, Search, Commerce. Fewer integrations are required, allowing for a faster implementation.

Product Content

The fuel of eCommerce. Enriched product content helps your customers quickly find the products they are looking for and make informed buying decisions.

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With a powerful and reliable content management system, Unilog’s CIMM2 allows you to create a feature-rich online portal to make search, navigation, payment and shipping easy for your customers.

Unilog’s product content services enable businesses to build enriched product catalogs which aid in more conversions. Send your current product data for 10 SKUs and we’ll send back the enriched product content.

B2B eCommerce

Generate online revenue and simplify the ordering process for your customers.

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