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eCommerce Best Practices

bulbWhile there are many best practices available for improving sales in a B2C eCommerce context, B2B needs a different approach. Not all B2C strategies are applicable in theB2B realm. Here are some of the strategies and best practices that can significantly help an online B2B business.

  • Content, Content, Content: We’ve always maintained that “Content is King” in eCommerce. Apart from providing visitors the product information, supplement it with content such as how to use the product, what goes well with the product and so on. Creating blogs and then linking them to the product page will also keep users engaged within your site if you are providing them with relevant and user-oriented content.
  • Storytelling: Talk about your journey and tell what’s unique about your business. If you’re a manufacturer, talk about your processes and the people behind the products. Differentiate yourself from the competition. Include an FAQ section about the order process and link them all to the eCommerce page.
    Another type of story you can tell is about the success of your customers on your behalf. This will enable the visitors to relate to the product and its use better and you can quickly gain their confidence while shopping at your online store.
  • Striking Photography: A good photo can play a part in boosting conversion. Photographs with white or no background is the ideal way to represent your product online. Sometimes it’s also good to show the products in their working context. Photographs must be consistent in style and high quality.
  • Shipping: Provide clear information about shipping. If your shipping will service the customer’s location, the types of shipping and cost associated should be answered. It’s also advisable to provide tracking to your customer.If the product requires assembly, then make sure you include the instructions when shipping or you can track the delivery and get your customer service reps to make sure the product is assembled correctly for use.
  • Best Sellers: Highlight your best selling products to inspire customers to try out the product. This will enable visitors to get to your popular products quickly; hence the bounce rates can potentially be reduced.
  • Market your business: This is a no-brainer. You have all the right ingredients for a top-notch online business, now all you have to do is to let others know about it using the right channels. For example, you can put up ads in sector specific publications with a means to identify the visitors engaging your business through these channels. Marketing in the right place is very important to showcase your business to the relevant audience.

With online business on the rise, it has become a must for businesses to keep trying various strategies to learn what works best for them and their audience. What strategies have worked for your business?

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