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For Deeper eCommerce Insights, Use Site Analytics Pro

They say the world is your oyster, full of possibilities and opportunities. The same can be said about your eCommerce website. It collects large amounts of data about your visitors and customers and, with the help of an analytics tool, translates it into valuable insight about their online interactions with your business.

Analytics tools can reveal many aspects of the B2B buyer’s online journey – from the pages they visit and how much time they spend on your site, to the products they shop and the links they click. But, if you want more in-depth insight that answers questions like why a visitor abandoned their cart or what specific content is helping drive conversions, you need a more robust analytics package; one that opens up a world of opportunities to improve your customers’ online experience and your site’s performance.

Unilog’s new Site Analytics Pro module exposes many “pearls” within your eCommerce oyster and presents them in easy-to-understand visual formats like heatmaps, goal funnels, and recorded user sessions. And, unlike other analytics products on the market, our advanced tool ties the post log-in journey to a particular user or customer.

“Site Analytics Pro features leading-edge technology that breaks down the data so you can learn much more about each customer and individual site user – how they use your site, what features they prefer, even what pages they don’t like. This information provides incredible opportunities for businesses,” says Dan Banks, Senior Product Manager at Unilog.

Whether you’re an existing Unilog eCommerce customer or a B2B company looking to improve your online presence, consider the features and benefits that Site Analytics Pro can offer you:

  • Real-time reporting

    Access up-to-the-minute metrics around your visitors, including their onsite behavior, what led them to your site (whether it was from an organic search, social media link, e-mail campaign, etc.), and what purchases they made. You can also click on their visitor profile to see if they are a returning visitor, where they are located, what kind of device they used, and how long they stayed on your site.

    A site visitor’s profile includes their location, what type of device they used, how many visits they made to your site, and what specific pages they visited

  • Prebuilt dashboards and reports

    Site Analytics Pro includes prebuilt dashboards and reports that display impactful results the moment you open the tool. Our Revenue, Products, SEO, and Onsite Search dashboards show real-time metrics by day, week, month, year, or date range. You also have access to more than 10 reports that provide analysis of important metrics and trends like revenue by customer or user, unique logged-in users, abandoned carts, and average lines per order.

    The prebuilt Revenue dashboard can display online revenue by day, week, month, year, or any date range, and includes a breakdown with more details when you click on any point in the dashboard

    The Onsite Search dashboard tracks the most searched terms, as well as the success rate of their results

  • Goal funnels

    From a business and web analytics perspective, it is important to create specific goals and mark milestones to track your site’s success. Goals may be created around micro-conversions, like signing up for your newsletter or requesting a quote, or macro-conversions related to a specific number of sales or transactions. Goal funnels within the tool show the series of steps a customer must take to achieve a specific objective and the outcomes. “Goal funnels not only show you the success rate of a specific goal, they also help you determine if you can make the steps any easier for the user to get through the funnel,” says Banks.

    Goal funnels show each step required to meet a business objective, which can be reviewed in more detail to see more about a specific visitor’s journey to reach the goal

  • Heatmaps

    Heatmaps provide a visual representation of where people are spending their time on a specific web page, with the “warmest” colors showing the most visited areas on the page. This helpful tool lets you see how users interact with your site by identifying parts of the page that are rarely viewed or interacted with, as well as the specific actions visitors make on each page.

    This heatmap pinpoints where users are clicking the most on the site’s home page

  • Session recordings

    Another way to see how visitors are using your site is through session recordings. This feature records every user session on your website, which allows you to see from the user’s point of view how they search for items, why they abandoned their cart, or what prompted them to leave your site.

    An alternate way to review a user’s interactions on your site is by reviewing the recording of their session

While Site Analytics Pro includes prebuilt dashboards and reports to better understand your site visitors’ behaviors and needs, it also allows you the flexibility to generate custom reports to track and measure your unique KPIs. The application’s deep insights and real-time analysis provide a granular view you won’t get with any other analytics tool.

Before you take the leap into advanced analytics, Banks stresses you must first determine the objectives for your digital branch and identify the critical needs that will move the needle the most for your business. “What are some key things you want to know about your customers, your visitors, or their experience on your website? Once you’ve identified those questions, you can use the tool to answer them,” explains Banks.

Now is the time to capitalize on the immense data collected on your website to optimize your digital branch, build engagement, and convert more visitors to buyers. For existing customers, the new Site Analytics Pro is a simple add-on module that can be integrated into their Unilog eCommerce platform. For distributors or manufacturers looking to begin their digital journey or mature their current digital branch, Unilog has an all-in-one eCommerce solution designed specifically for the B2B marketplace. Our software platform was named #2 on The Software Report’s list of The 25 Best Ecommerce Software of 2020 and was awarded the most gold medals in the 2020 Paradigm B2B Combine by top B2B eCommerce expert and strategist Andy Hoar. Our powerful and affordable digital commerce solution, paired with our Site Analytics Pro module, helps small to midmarket businesses stay ahead of the competition.

Contact our digital commerce experts to find out how you can take your digital branch and analytics to the next level.

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