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Mobile traffic surpasses computers for eCommerce!

We have been writing for long that mobile is going to be the important channel for eCommerce companies (link – http://unilogcorpstage.cimm2.com/blog/ecommerce-going-the-mcommerce-way) and why optimizing your ebusiness for mobile is an important strategy (link – http://unilogcorpstage.cimm2.com/blog/preparing-your-b2b-business-for-mobile-commerce). And as the industry analysts (and we) had predicted, mobile traffic, for the first time overtook the computers for online shopping in the UK. According to the latest IMRG Capgemini report, mobile traffic in UK was at 52% and about 36% of the sales were completed via mobile devices.

We’re expecting similar trends for the US too with mobile traffic which is now over a third of all online traffic for shopping. Mobile traffic is all set to play a huge role in B2B eCommerce too. So what can you do about it and ensure you are a part of the mobile commerce bandwagon?

First thing anyone prepping for an omni-channel experience should do is to create an eCommerce site that is “responsive”. This means your site should render neatly across a variety of devices having various form factors without much of a resizing or scrolling. This is a must do step for mobile eCommerce. This is better than having an adaptive website strategy where you build a dedicated site optimized for mobile. A responsive site means lower cost of ownership and operations and better usability for your visitors.

Then the other strategies like providing search and navigation, reviews and ratings, location based services, mobile content etc., should be considered based on the experience that you wish to offer to your customers. Of these, search and navigation and mobile content delivery are slowly becoming the norm of eCommerce services. With smartphones becoming ubiquitous these days, a good search and navigation can go a long way in customer satisfaction, especially in B2B commerce, where the SKUs can easily run into thousands.

While providing all these capabilities to your user can prove expensive, it is a really good long term strategy and is a way to ensure success. You can also try out CIMM2’s mobile optimization add-on for your mobile commerce strategy. This add-on will optimize your entire eCommerce site to the mobile and provide your customers with an app which gives them the same “click to cash” experience as on the web.

We’d love to hear what else can you do for mobile eCommerce? You can share your experience and ideas in the comments section. If you wish to know more on CIMM2, write to us at info@cimm2.com and our executives will get in touch with you soon.

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