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Seven Steps to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Read our white paper to learn how a strong social media marketing plan can increase engagement, web traffic, and sales

If you’re looking to expand your exposure and build better connections with buyers, try ramping up your marketing efforts – social media marketing efforts, that is. You may not realize it, but social media plays an increasingly large role in the wholesale distribution marketplace. Social media isn’t just a place for B2B professionals to connect with businesses, colleagues, and industry experts; it is now becoming a preferred product information resource for buyers. In fact, more than 75% of B2B buyers use social media to inspire and influence their purchasing decisions. If your customers are spending more time on social media, why aren’t you?

As a distributor, you must seize every opportunity to attract and engage with buyers, which is why you need a strong social media presence. Unilog has developed a white paper outlining a seven-step plan to help you build that presence so you can attain deeper customer connections, create more sales opportunities, and become a social media influencer.

To download our white paper, How B2B Companies Can Leverage Social Media Marketing, click here.

Distributors like McNaughton-McKay incorporate compelling images, helpful videos, and relevant hyperlinks to attract and engage their nearly 4,000 followers.

North Coast Electric shares the latest trends and news with their audience to keep them in the know.

Food service disposables and jan/san supplier Hill & Markes infuses information and fun into their social posts to stay connected with their social community.

Also included in this white paper:

  • Which types of content resonate with your B2B audience
  • The best social media tools to help manage multiple platforms
  • Winning tactics backed by industry statistics
  • Ways to measure your engagement levels and social campaign success
  • Featured posts from B2B companies who have boosted their business with social media

Social media is a lead generator, a brand builder, and a buyer resource – in effect, it is another sales channel for B2B organizations. Hop on the social media bandwagon and see what a strong social media presence can do for your business. Download our social media marketing white paper today!

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