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The B2B Mobile Commerce Revolution

B2B-BLOGMobile is coming, mobile is coming!

Actually, mobile is already here, so now is the time to be part of the revolution. You may have an online storefront, or even a mobile-friendly site, but that’s not enough to compete in the wholesaler game. Today, distributors must incorporate mobile commerce into their marketing strategy to increase sales and keep pace with customer demands. Mobile commerce, also referred to as m-commerce, is the term for online transactions made directly from a mobile device. It requires a vendor to have a responsive site and/or mobile app that allows its customers to order products and transact using their tablet or smartphone.

Over the last five years, the “typical” B2B buyer has gone through a transformation of his own. Relying less on in-person sales calls and paper catalogs, these tech-savvy buyers are using their mobile devices to research and shop for products and services. And now, as younger professionals enter the wholesale industry and digital technology advances, more buyers want to use their devices during all stages of the purchase cycle – from information-gathering to product transaction to post-purchase.

These statistics shed light on the importance of mobile commerce in the B2B marketplace:


Consumer retailers have been offering mobile commerce for quite some time, so your buyers – who are also consumers – are accustomed to this digital shopping option. As a wholesaler, you can’t afford to wait any longer to join the troops.

If your digital commerce business needs support, enlist the help of Unilog Content Solutions. Unilog’s leading edge eCommerce platform, CIMM2, is built with a responsive design that adapts easily with mobile devices to give your buyers a great shopping experience everywhere, every time. CIMM2 also can be deployed via a native mobile app available on iTunes and the Google Play store. The CIMM2 mobile app goes beyond a mobile-responsive site by leveraging smartphone technology like barcode scanning with the phone’s camera and push notifications to send buyers special offers and the latest news. Contact Unilog to learn more.

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