Suchit Bachalli, President of B2B eCommerce Leader Unilog, Makes the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 List image eCommerce Best Practices

Back-End Implementation and Data Voted Top Two Implementation Barriers


During a live poll at the recent B2B Online conference in Chicago, attendees ranked data (sharing, cleansing) and back-end integrations as the top two implementation barriers they face in getting their businesses effectively online. These concerns topped channel conflict, lack of measurements/incentives, limited by partners/customers and staff skill set. This bears out Unilog’s contention that our product and service offering is extremely effective in getting customers online. Our all-in-one eCommerce platform, CIMM2, has the major pieces already integrated and we have deep experience in integrating with ERP platforms. Unilog has been providing enriched product content to the B2B market for over 16 years, including some of the largest online retailers.

The B2B Online show focuses on digital fundamentals and challenges that are specific to the transformations that are happening in the B2B world. Unilog’s president, Suchit Bachalli, kicked off the event and set the tone by chairing Day One: Omnichannel Development Day. Speakers dug deep into Digital Marketing & Content as well as Platform & Data Management. Suchit also presented an Innovation Spotlight on Unilog: the importance of enriched content and how CIMM2 is transforming the way people do business online.

Transform your online experience with Unilog.

Transform your online experience with Unilog.

Manufacturers and distributors alike spent three days focusing on digital fundamentals and challenges that are specific to the transformations happening within B2B. The event was the perfect opportunity for companies in need of developing their omnichannel and eCommerce strategies to hear from leaders in the industry.





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