Make Your Site a One-Stop Shop

  In order to compete in the marketplace, distributors need to expand their site into a place where people can see relevant results from onsite searches, learn about the latest products and industry news, and make purchases as a result of those offerings – in other words, create a one-stop shop.

Increase Your ROI with a PIM
Increase Your ROI with a PIM

Just like a personal investment portfolio, your company’s e-business portfolio needs time, attention and investment in order for it to generate returns. And if you want to see the full appreciation of your investments, consider incorporating a centralized PIM to your commerce toolset.  

Find products easily and efficiently with a better online search tool.
Sophisticated Search Tools

Anyone can have a search bar on a website, but sites with sophisticated search capabilities offer more targeted, relevant search results for buyers, which lead to a quicker and easier path to purchase. Learn how sophisticated search tools put distributors in the driver seat, and control the path to buyer search results.  

Is Your Site in Need of a Makeover?

Many distributors and wholesalers may think they have a fully functional site that meets their customers’ needs when, in reality, it falls below customer expectations. In the first of this two-part series, we’ll explain how improving your content can create a valuable resource for buyers and solidify your foothold in the B2B online marketplace.

configure, price and quote (CPQ)
Simplify with CPQ

With changing technology, customers and sales channels, wholesale distributors could use some simplicity on the job, and a configure, price and quote (CPQ) solution could be the answer. CPQ takes the tedious and time-consuming process of creating quotes and streamlines it into an automated, efficient method to acquire sales.

Digital Evolution
Digital Evolution

Companies looking to create a better online experience must first start by evolving their digital marketing tool set. This digital evolution involves changing marketing strategies, technologies – as well as mindsets – in order to provide new and better ways to engage with customers and empower employees.