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E-Commerce Metrics-ROI
eCommerce Metrics

Calculating the return on your eCommerce investment is an ongoing task that requires time and effort; but when done correctly, your analysis will provide you with valuable insight into the effectiveness of your marketing and sales campaigns, SEO, product data, and overall customer experience.

SEO Part 3
SEO Part 3

We discussed in earlier white papers how content and usability are key to a good SEO strategy. Now, rounding out our three-part series, we’re going to explain how engagement, the third component of effective SEO, is also an important part of your eCommerce site’s success.

Responsive WebDesign
Responsive Design

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives as more and more people rely on smartphones and tablets to access e-mail, use the Internet, and engage in social media. Many business professionals have also joined the mobile movement as they are increasingly using devices to research and purchase products for their company.

SEO Part 2

It’s one thing to have an eCommerce site where buyers can shop and purchase your products; but if your site is hard to view, slow to load, or difficult to navigate, you might as well go back to taking phone orders. A website’s usability plays an important part in digital commerce success, yet many businesses don’t put the effort into measuring…