• Platform Overview

    Your All-in-One eCommerce Solution

Connect your customers to your business with CIMM2,
an enterprise software platform that delivers a superior e-store experience.

Designed specifically for the B2B market, CIMM2 is a flexible, secure and cost-effective way to compete in the online marketplace. Our cloud-based digital commerce platform works in conjunction with what we call a “cross-platform broker,” developed specifically for CIMM2. This custom piece of software makes it possible for CIMM2 to integrate with nearly every ERP system out there. Show us your ERP and we’ll find a way to integrate it with our platform. ERPs we’ve already integrated with include Epicor Eclipse, P21, Infor SX.e, JD Edwards and more.

CIMM2 is built on the leading edge of software architecture. What does that mean for you? It means that CIMM2 is ready to serve your needs for the long haul. Your investment in CIMM2 will deliver results well after your ROI targets have been met. Because it is built in a way that it can embrace new and upcoming complementary technology, CIMM2 is ready for whatever the future holds.

CIMM2’s five key features create the perfect solution for your e-business needs:

CIMM2 benefits include:
CIMM2-powered websites deliver:

  • A robust PIM to manage data across your organization
  • Integration with your back-end systems and third-party applications
  • Easy-to-use product catalog management that handles millions of SKUs
  • Strong content management system (CMS) allows for easy changes and updates for you, and personalization features like product recommendations for your customers
  • Powerful search and filtering capabilities with advanced features to lead buyers to your products
  • Streamlined checkout that offers easy B2B payment options and punchout capabilities

  • Full account visibility and order information (open orders, order history, order status)
  • Credit limit management
  • Purchasing workflows
  • Auto re-order
  • Quick shopping cart
  • Promotions and coupon management

…and much more.

Industries We Serve

Our customers fall into a wide range of industries including:
Electrical, Industrial, HVAC, Plumbing, Fasteners, Fluid Power, Electronics, Jan/San, Medical, Paper & Packaging, Sign Supply, Safety and much more!

Customer Success Stories

Need an online presence?

No problem!

After launching their online storefronts with CIMM2 in 2012, North Coast Electric saw a surge in eCommerce activity and became a differentiator in the electrical distribution space. But their eCommerce journey was not done. Realizing that digital evolution is integral to their success, North Coast partnered with Unilog a few years later to upgrade and redesign their websites to give customers an even more efficient way to shop online.

Smooth experience?

You bet.

As a wholesale distributor of Plumbing, P.V.F., Hydronics and HVAC products based in Canada, Marks Supply was looking for an eCommerce solution that could integrate easily with their existing ERP system. They found it with CIMM2. The Manager of Systems/IT at Marks Supply explains how CIMM2 has helped build their e-business.

Advanced Integrations?

We have your back.

As one of the largest vendors of engineered fastening systems in the industrial products sector, Bay Fastening Systems launched their CIMM2 platform in order to integrate with other systems their customers are using. Michael Eichinger, COO and VP of Bay Fastening, explains how CIMM2’s advanced integration gives their customers access to a wealth of information in one convenient place.

Associations We Support

We are proud to support a number of organizations and each of their members.