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A Sure-Fire Way to Avoid eCommerce Catastrophes: Integrate Your Systems With an API Tool Set

An ERP system is the heart of a company: it stores important data so that various departments and systems within an organization can access the same information for their specific needs. Another key component is an eCommerce platform, which makes it possible for buyers to shop and buy products online. While these two systems are critical to the business, many organizations have yet to integrate the two and maximize on their synergies. This can result in multiple problems which can be detrimental to a distributor:

  • Elevated costs due to added time and errors 

    Copying and pasting data manually is a time-consuming chore that also increases the chance of errors.

  • Unreliable data 

    Any data that is not available in real-time across sales channels – from product availability to customer order status – incites questions, inefficiency and chaos.

  • Poor customer experience 

    Buyers want an easy omnichannel experience but when a sales rep tells them one thing and the website says another, they become frustrated and often turn to a competitor they can trust.

Businesses can avoid these potential pitfalls by incorporating application programming interfaces (APIs) into their business system framework. The sole purpose of APIs is to keep the lines of communication open between internal systems and online applications so that data can be stored and shared in real-time.

There are a number of different types of APIs available to help create this cross-platform system integration. APIs are available to connect everything from ERP systems and shipping carriers to payment gateways and social media platforms. Together, they form a robust API tool set that offers big benefits and creates a simpler, faster way to do business.

Don’t let siloed data in multiple systems impede your business. Connect your applications and systems with APIs and see how streamlined communication can maximize your efficiency and elevate your growth.

CIMM2, Unilog’s all-in-one eCommerce platform, has a built-in API tool set to integrate with many leading ERP solutions – including custom ERPs – plus a host of software applications you use to run your e-business. To learn more, check out our Platform Integrations page or contact a Unilog representative today.

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