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E-Catalogue Software – Opting for the Foremost Choice

As a shopper, turning over printed catalogues is tiring and cumbersome, isn’t it? But then, technology ensures that we don’t have to anymore with online catalogues. E-cataloguing is revolutionizing the eCommerce sphere; with organizations universally incorporating e-catalogues as part of their selling and marketing strategies.

But again, with a heap of options available on the e-catalogue software front, companies must be able to pick and choose the most optimal fit. How does one do that? Here are some points to ponder when contemplating an e-catalogue solution:

Of course, it must be easy to implement and easy to use and supple and resourceful enough to help customers find products quicker and in real-time and able to channelize customers to marketers, adding value to both sects in doing so.

Shoppers must be able to download product brochures and specification sheets from web links and have access to detailed information pages on items. They must be able to control the number of items that they see in one view to avoid clutter and segregate products by best match and price differentiators.

Options must be there to put items in a shopping cart for future references, have access to a recently viewed toolbar, make filtered searches with product drill downs and access to the closest marketer in the vicinity.

Sales and marketing should be supported with website branding with images, colors and descriptions, incorporated price descriptions, detailed information pages on items and product brochures and specification sheets.

There must be integration with ERP, MRP, CRM and SCM applications, security from encroachment and theft, data enrichment and cleansing options to erase obsolete data, and a supplier portal to have a real-time picture on the suppliers.

Ultimately, it must embrace web-enabled and cost-effective deployment technologies like the Cloud for ubiquitous presence due to the increasing mobility of customers.

If this checklist has all ticks marked in the right hand column, do not hesitate, buy immediately!

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