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For Greater Reach and Engagement, Go Viral with Video

This digital world continues to shift people’s behavior: from the way they communicate and do business to how they purchase goods and services. This technological shift has had an even greater impact on the wholesale marketplace. Distributors are realizing an eCommerce site isn’t enough to entice buyers and keep customers. B2B buyers want retailers to provide more resources and tools that will educate, engage and help them make a purchasing decision.

Video dominates online content

As more B2B businesses evolve their digital marketing toolkit to offer new ways to interact with buyers, many are including video content as a way to gain better reach and stimulate sales. Video is now the most mobile, shareable and engaging content online – and increasingly so for B2B customers. Here’s a glimpse of video’s impact on B2B buyers:


These compelling numbers translate to better opportunities for businesses. While unique content such as enriched product information and articles are still important for boosting traffic and increasing conversions, videos can provide additional benefits that offer great bang for your buck:

  • Boost SEO and website traffic

Relevant, interesting video content drives more people to a website, which helps improve a site’s SEO. Nearly 65% of B2B buyers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it, so make sure the video directs them to your site.

  • Can be watched anywhere, on any device

Unlike some websites that aren’t built to display the same on different devices, video plays well on any device or browser, making it more user-friendly and consumable type of content.

  • More shareable than other content

Because video is more compelling to online viewers, they tend to share what they view with others. Surveys show 92% of people who view mobile videos share them with other people, and every shared video makes for better SEO.

  • Do wonders for brand recognition

Engaging video content is more likely to be remembered than articles or blogs. Consistent branding and moving visuals help buyers not only remember your content, but also your company.

Businesses that go viral with video

There are many places to utilize video, and the more touchpoints you use to engage with viewers, the better your chances of increasing customer engagement and awareness. See how these distributors are using video to promote their business and brand:


This wholesale electrical distributor has a dedicated page on their website that houses videos they’ve produced, as well as links to videos made by their manufacturer partners. Video topics range from new product launches and product demos to a brief history of their company.

Air Hydro Power

Air Hydro Power uses YouTube as its main video distribution channel to share customer testimonials, feature new technology and show their employees having fun in and out of work. They even produce a recurring video segment with their robotics system named Sawyer who demonstrates product applications.


Video is king at Grainger. The MRO distributor posts on Facebook regularly to share a variety of videos with their followers. Grainger interviews employees at trade shows, promotes their latest catalogs and provides highlights of their sponsorship and relationship with NASCAR racing. They also share their commitment to their communities by producing social-minded segments dedicated to everyday heroes such as veterans, small business owners and tradesmen.

Video marketing is a dynamic way to show buyers who you are, what you do and the value you bring. It also helps give your company an identity, a voice and a foothold in the marketplace. It’s time to build up and share your video library with the masses. If you want a better chance at engagement with buyers, go viral or go home!


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