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Unilog on the Leading Edge of eCommerce Infrastructure

Unilog recently upgraded its CIMM2 hosting and deployment infrastructure to include Kubernetes Container Orchestration, an open-source system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. While this may sound highly technical and disinteresting to non-developers, its function is important to everyone who uses Unilog’s CIMM2 platform. Why? Because the infrastructure that supports your eCommerce site and its administration is just as important as the features and design of the site itself. Simply put, this application upgrade provides a more reliable and flexible way to deploy web applications and services, and creates a more efficient and uninterrupted web environment for our CIMM2 customers.

Kubernetes is a project that started at Google and developed from years of the tech giant’s own operational container knowledge. Containers are standard units of software that package up code and all their dependencies so that an application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another. They bring more efficiency to the system environment, which allows more applications to run on a server. Kubernetes groups these containers into logical units to create easier management and findability.

Unilog’s enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, content delivery networks, and virtualization applications work together with Kubernetes Container Orchestration to deploy and host your eCommerce site in a more modern, reliable, and secure environment that protects your business.

Our upgraded application deployment and hosting environment offers CIMM2 customers bigger benefits:

  • Elasticity – Our system will instantly scale the required compute and storage resources to handle increased site traffic – no matter how many visitors are on your site.
  • Redundancy – Your website and all its data will never be lost due to outages or breakdowns; it automatically fails over to another zone without interruption.
  • Speed – Site visitors benefit from a fast-performing website, which lowers your risk of abandoned online sessions.
  • Security – All our customer eCommerce sites are hosted in a top-tier cloud environment to ensure your customer data and other sensitive information is protected.

Our enhanced web infrastructure provides the reliability and protection you expect for your digital business. Learn more about our latest application upgrade and smart technology that powers the CIMM2 platform on our Unilog Cloud Hosting & Application Deployment page.

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