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Unilog ZMOT Data Services

We are delighted to announce our new data enrichment practice based on Google’s ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) concept. Our blog (http://unilogcorp.com/blog/shopping-in-the-digital-age-and-zmot) and whitepaper (http://unilogcorp.com/pdf/ZMOT_WP.pdf) on ZMOT explain how it can be a game changer and offer a superior digital shopping experience for your customers.

This practice involves reworking the manufacturer descriptions and creating web-friendly features and information which is likely to have a huge impact on search engine results. The fresh content / description are proving to be the best way to win sales from search. Gone are the days when your customer used to browse your catalog and call your sales reps or distributor. Now they just search for the required product in Google. They read various reviews; compare products and prices before taking the decision to buy a product. This moment where the customer begins to form impression about a product or a service is what Google terms as a ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth).

To attract more customers you have set up your online storefront and what’s next? You need to optimize your content so that customers can find you and any information they are looking for is made available to them.

Our ZMOT services exactly do this. We classify the products using proper taxonomy so that it will be easy for the customer to drill down to the required product easily. Then by preparing proper title and description for the product we make sure that the information is super-relevant to the customers searching for it.

Case in point

A large big-box retailer of office products in North America wanted to improve their competitive edge to attract more customers and retain their market share. Unilog’s ZMOT services fit in perfectly for this engagement.


To begin with, Unilog augmented product content on the customer’s eCommerce site by gathering accurate information from external sources such as suppliers and the manufacturers.

As a next step we classified the product data to make content search more functional. Unilog refined the existing categories and hierarchies to enhance the contextual framework and improve the search and browse capabilities of content. This helped Unilog identify opportunities for cross selling and up-selling products to enhance sales for the customer.

Finally we reworked the product titles on the website to provide an SEO rich title. We also revised the product descriptions to provide complete and accurate information to the customers while keeping it web-friendly. The customer was thus able to achieve rich, structured content that facilitated informed buying decisions.


Some of the benefits the ZMOT data service provided include the following:

• Formulated web-friendly descriptions
• Created product copy that is more accessible to customers
• Captured and highlighted product features that would most appeal to the target audience
• Showcased more accurate and relevant product specifications
• Categorized products for better faceted search attribute identification and rationalization

These are not just steps to drive traffic to your site but to generate leads and close them. So, what are you waiting for, optimize your site for ZMOT and facilitate your sale right from the search! We are eager to hear your experience with ZMOT – do share.

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