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Unilog CIMM2-Data Analytics
Use Data to Personalize the User Experience

Many organizations with an eCommerce site don’t realize the valuable data that’s collected every time a buyer visits their site. But, with the help of analytics tools, businesses can evaluate buyer behavior to better understand their interests and intent, and then cater their content and user experience based on those interests.

Omnichannel Experience
Create an Omnichannel Business

It’s an easy concept: in order to retain customers, businesses must give them the opportunity to buy how they want, when they want. That could mean making an online purchase from a mobile device, speaking to a representative to discuss product options, or even faxing in a product order.

configure, price and quote (CPQ)
Simplify with CPQ

For those distributors looking to eliminate the layers of quoting complexity for their customers, Configure-Price-Quote software has become a viable solution. Commonly known as CPQ, this application does more than just provide automated quotes for potential buyers; it brings efficiency and consistency to an organization’s entire sales cycle.

Digital Evolution
Digital Evolution

Offering an online storefront is a good move for anyone who sells products or services, but if a business really wants to get the most mileage out of its eCommerce site, it must work to build a better experience. Great user experiences are created when a company evolves its digital marketing tool set.

Compete Online
How to Compete Online

Distributors know that competition is fierce in the B2B marketplace. With big-budget companies sinking millions into their eCommerce efforts, and big-name contenders like Amazon Business joining the fray, it can be discouraging for smaller businesses. But all is not lost. In fact, more and more distributors are realizing eCommerce…

Enriched eCommerce Content

As B2B eCommerce begins to develop and evolve, so does the online content. Companies are finding that their buyers are not that different from B2C customers because they, too, are looking for an online buying experience that’s engaging and adds value. As a result, B2Bs are beginning to incorporate a more “human-centric” approach…

Benefits of a PIM Solution
Benefits of a PIM Solution

Product content drives eCommerce. From product specifications and images to catalogs and descriptions, customers expect consistent and correct data if they’re going to buy from you. If your product information is coming from multiple distribution channels or systems, the chances of it meeting those expectations are low – unless you…

eCommerce Implementation

For decades, the B2B marketplace had an unwavering sales model in place that relied solely on sales calls and paper product catalogs. Today, the tides have changed. New kinds of customers and advanced technologies have disrupted this once stable business sector, causing many to rethink their business strategies.

B2B E-Commerce Adoption
B2B eCommerce Adoption

You’ve heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” The same holds true for your eCommerce website: While you can guide people to your site, you can’t force them to use it. Many B2B organizations, especially wholesale distributors, find eCommerce adoption to be an uphill battle.

E-Commerce Transformation
eCommerce Transformation

B2B eCommerce is not an overnight concept. For more than 20 years B2B retailers have been slowly planting a stake in the online marketplace. Now, with advanced eCommerce tools and increasing buyer expectations, B2B companies are moving at a faster pace to gain a competitive foothold.