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Cool Feature: Voice-Enabled Product Search

B2B buyers are raising their expectations of distributors based on their consumer shopping experiences and the technology that helps create those experiences. An online storefront is not enough for them; buyers want a more mature digital commerce offering with the ability to order items from their mobile device. If your site has a responsive design, they may be able to find what they need and transact from their phone. But, with a mobile app version of your website, not only can they place an order from their phone, they have multiple ways to search your products and a quicker path to purchase them.

One of the more popular ways buyers like to search is with voice-enabled technology. As consumers, they use voice assistants in their home and on their mobile devices to do a myriad of tasks. They have grown accustomed to using voice commands as a faster, more reliable way to get things done. B2B industry experts say, based on the efficacy voice ordering and item recognition already provide consumers in the retail industry, these features will soon become table stakes in the wholesale distribution marketplace.

That’s why your business needs a mobile app with voice-enabled search. Unlike a mobile-responsive site, Unilog’s mobile app lets your customers speak directly into their phone to find a product from your catalog and instantly see a list of relevant items they can add to their cart. And, unlike traditional mobile apps, ours uses hybrid app technology that ties directly with your Unilog website to offer a consistent, omnichannel experience.

Check out how easy it is! The customer opens your app on their device, clicks on the microphone tool, and says the product they want to find into the phone.

The customer clicks on the microphone icon and speaks the product name they want

The app then displays their voice search as text and has the customer confirm their voiced search result by clicking on the Search Result term. Once confirmed, the app displays all the products in your catalog that match that search term. They can filter the results or scroll through the list, choose the item they want to add to their cart, and then place their order.

The customer clicks the search result term and the app returns all the product results from the distributor’s catalog and, with just a click, can add the item to their cart

Along with voice-enabled search, the Unilog mobile app lets customers search your product catalog by taking or uploading a product image from their phone or by scanning a barcode. But product search and ordering are just two functions of the app. It also enables customers to view their order history, check the status of open orders, request a quote, and more. This is much more than a mobile app; it’s a multipurpose business tool that B2B buyers can take with them wherever they go.

Designed to mimic the look and feel of your eCommerce site, our hybrid mobile app is also customizable to include features unique to your business. Together, our eCommerce solution and hybrid mobile app give your customers multiple ways to search, transact, and engage with you. Join the many Unilog eCommerce customers who have integrated our mobile app as part of their digital branch offerings. Contact us today to learn more.


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