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How Orgill Dealers Are Driving Revenue via Their Digital Channel

Orgill does a tremendous job supporting their dealers by supplying them with resources and industry expertise to help build and grow their retail business. Along with high-quality products, brand-building marketing services, and a successful market-specific pricing system, the independent hardlines distributor also offers digital commerce solutions and product content subscription services to give their customers more convenient shopping options and a virtual “endless aisle” of products to choose from.

Champions of community businesses, Orgill is focused on helping their dealers expand their local brand and relevance in the marketplace. With the help of their digital commerce partner, Unilog, Orgill is doing just that. Their cloud-based Integrated eCommerce offering developed by Unilog synchronizes their dealers’ traditional and digital sales channels to improve efficiency, grow sales, and deliver better customer service. Customized to fit each retailer’s needs, this affordable Integrated eCommerce solution also has many user-friendly features to optimize the customer experience.

Some of Orgill’s dealers have already taken advantage of these supplemental digital tools to boost their business both online and in store. Read on as we lay out five ways these dealers use their eCommerce channel to attract more shoppers and create more connections with their customers, all while reinforcing their brand.

  1. Delivering expanded product offerings to create an endless aisle

    As part of Orgill’s Integrated eCommerce program, dealers have access to over 400,000 enriched products which they can sell on their website. Built by Unilog’s content service team, this comprehensive catalog of items features product images, descriptions, specifications, and supporting documents designed to help shoppers make informed buying decisions. Known as the Industry PIM, this catalog includes Orgill and non-Orgill products, commodity wood products, as well as new products that manufacturers bring to the market. Dealers including Home Hardware Center, LumberJack, and McLendon Hardware subscribe to the Industry PIM catalog, giving their shoppers a more expansive choice of products than just what is available in their stores. With convenient in-store pickup available for many online items (a feature we will explain below), these retailers are also seeing increased foot traffic and sales in their stores.

    Home Hardware product detail pageA detailed product name, which includes the model number, and multiple product images give shoppers a clear description of this infrared heater.

    Home Hardware specs and featuresThe product detail page also provides numerous specifications and features about the item as well.

    McLendon product detail pageFrom enriched marketing descriptions to product documents like spec sheets and user manuals, the Industry PIM product catalog provides everything a shopper needs to make an informed purchasing decision.

  2. Displaying product ratings and reviews

    Shoppers rely on product ratings and reviews from fellow consumers to help make their decision to buy a product. In fact, Northwestern University found that over 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, and a product with five or more reviews has a 270% greater likelihood of purchase than a product with zero reviews. Why? Because consumer reviews are generally reliable opinions from unbiased people. And, according to SEO marketer BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

    When a business invites customers to review its products, then displays those reviews and ratings on its website, it shows transparency and instills credibility with shoppers. Orgill’s Integrated eCommerce software features built-in product rating and review functionality that is easy for shoppers to access and read. Home Hardware Center and Town & Country Hardware are taking advantage of product reviews to drive visitor engagement and sales via their websites.

    DeWALT Drill review pageProduct reviews provide another valuable source of content for shoppers.

  3. Promoting best-selling brands with dedicated brand pages

    Every retailer has popular brands their customers love, and dedicated brand landing pages are a great place to showcase them. Using marketing copy, images, and videos, dealers can highlight the benefits and features for a name brand’s line of products, and include a convenient link to view all the products offered by that specific vendor. Dedicated brand pages create great cross-sell opportunities by showing shoppers related components and accessories to complement a purchase, such as hardwood pellets for a Traeger grill. They also give shoppers a chance to compare similar products, which opens the door to potential up-sell opportunities by exposing the customer to other product options they may have not considered. With educational videos and links to helpful tools, dedicated brand pages are another effective way to inform and engage with shoppers.

    Traeger Brand PageBrand pages include compelling content, product videos, and links to other helpful resources for shoppers.

  4. Offering buy online, pick up in store shopping options

    In an effort to offer more convenience for customers and compete more effectively against Big Box retailers, Orgill provides buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) capabilities with their Integrated eCommerce program. Those dealers who have already implemented BOPIS are seeing positive results, including delivery and fulfillment cost savings, more foot traffic in their stores, and increased customer loyalty.

    BOPIS functionality integrates with the retailer’s point-of-sale inventory to provide real-time updates for online shoppers, so they can see if the product is available for immediate pickup, can be shipped to the store of their choice for free pickup, or can be shipped directly to their home. “BOPIS is, in essence, activating our inventory and telling people we have the item available right now for them to pick up. Shoppers see that as the ultimate convenience because they don’t have to pay or wait for shipping – they can get what they want immediately,” explains Grant Morrow, eCommerce Programs Manager at Orgill.

    McLendon BOPIS productMcLendon Hardware offers BOPIS for its customers so they can see real-time product availability, along with delivery or pickup options.

  5. Engaging and educating shoppers with video

    As more people rely on their mobile devices to work, play, and interact with others, it is no surprise that video has become the most popular type of content online. Video is captivating, shareable, and can be viewed anywhere, which is exactly why Orgill dealers should use it as another means to connect with their shoppers.

    We mentioned how videos are a great asset on brand pages, but they also add value on product detail pages. Dealers that subscribe to Orgill’s content services can get the added benefit of vendor product videos that show shoppers how a product works, its standout features, and more. Located on the same page as the product description, images, specifications, and reviews, video can help bring a product to life.

    Zippo product video on detail pageThe Industry PIM catalog of enriched content includes manufacturer product videos, where available.

    In addition to adding videos to product and brand pages, some dealers are expanding their customer reach by creating their own engaging videos to share on their website and social media platforms. Koopman Lumber & Hardware regularly produces videos to showcase new products, demonstrate the latest industry trends, and point out the value-added services they provide at their stores. They house these videos on their website and share them on their Facebook page for additional exposure.

    Koopman Lumber Facebook PostEngage more people by producing short videos showcasing products, advertising promotions, and celebrating store news.

If you are an Orgill dealer looking to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and gain a competitive advantage, contact Unilog for more information about the Integrated eCommerce program and enriched content services for Orgill dealers. With our tools and Orgill’s support, we can guide you on your digital journey to grow your online channel and further strengthen your business.

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