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Product Content Services

It takes more than just product data to fuel your eCommerce site. It requires unique, robust content to make your products stand out from the crowd. Unilog’s product content services can help attract customers to your site and keep them there by creating a dynamic product catalog that not only engages the customer, but also helps convert their search to a sale.

The content we provide you is yours, and only yours. Because you own it, you can use your content wherever and however you see fit. This gives you the ability to provide consistent product information across all facets of your business – from invoicing and inventory management to brochures and sell sheets. That’s the Unilog advantage.

Whether it’s optimizing your current product catalog, sourcing and onboarding new products, or assisting with your product data management needs, our content services will help give your company a competitive edge.

Start out with these complimentary services:
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis

    We perform a free, detailed review of your current data – whether it’s ERP, eCommerce, or both – and provide a comprehensive analysis around its quality, consistency, standardization, categorization levels, and SEO. Our analysis points out opportunities to improve upon your data.

  • Project Recommendations

    Based on our findings, we’ll recommend a path to clean, categorize, enrich, and/or maintain your data. We offer turn-key, end-to-end data management solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Enriched Sample Data

    Send us 10 of your products, and we’ll send back our enriched content.

Here’s a look at how our content services can take weak product data and turn it into amazing enriched product content:
Product Description Development

We take basic manufacturer data and transform it into rich, marketing-driven content that attracts customers and creates sales. Our enhanced product descriptions increase search rankings and give customers a wealth of product information.

Product Attribute Enrichment

In addition to core attributes like color and length, we provide specific and relevant attributes such as application usage and compatibility with other products. At Unilog, we extract attributes that are specific to your catalog of products and important to your customers.

Digital Asset Collection

Digital assets go above and beyond product images. We collect brochures, product videos, data sheets and more to help your customers fully understand a product’s features and benefits.

Enriched Product Data 1
Enriched Product Data 2
Enriched Product Data 3
Enriched Product Data 4

Unilog enriches over 240,000 products per month, transforming product data into optimized, enriched content that drives traffic and increases conversions. Give us the opportunity to show you how we can impact your product catalog and increase your sales.

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