• Product Content Services

    Make Your eCommerce Catalog Stand Out

It takes more than just product data to fuel your eCommerce site. It requires unique, robust content to make your products stand out from the crowd. Unilog’s product content services can help attract customers to your site and keep them there by creating a dynamic product catalog that not only engages the customer, but also helps convert their search to a sale.

Whether it’s optimizing your current product catalog, sourcing and onboarding new products, or assisting with your product data management needs, our content services will help give your company a competitive edge.

Watch this video to learn the impact that robust product data and content can have on your digital commerce channel. See both good and bad examples of product information, and understand why awesome product content is critical to driving more site visits, higher customer satisfaction, and increased sales.
Here’s a look at the content services Unilog offers:
  • Product Content Enrichment
  • Unique Content Writing
  • Content Syndication
  • New Product Setup
  • Taxonomy and Attribute Table Design
  • Digital Asset Sourcing & Collection

We take basic manufacturer data and transform it into rich, marketing-driven content that attracts customers and generates sales. Our enhanced product content increases search rankings and provides customers a wealth of product information.

We can create unique content instead of the basic manufacturer-provided data that everyone else uses on their eCommerce site by using your brands voice and integrating SEO keywords and audience-specific language to drive higher organic rankings on search engines.

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Asset collection to provide customer understanding of B2B features and benefits

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Create a consistent CX to your product catalog with Unilog’s content services -Digital Asset sourcing and collection

Whether you’re a manufacturer wanting to better enable your distribution channel or a buying group looking to bring more value to your distribution members, our Content Syndication platform involves all aspects of the product lifecycle, from sourcing and standardizing the data, to optimizing and delivering it to your different sales channels and partners.

We offer solutions tailored for both small and large catalogs with the ability to onboard 120,000 products in a month. Using industry best practices and efficient processes, we ensure new products are set up logically and positioned in relevant categories with the same attributes and values for optimal product comparison.

We add contextual framework and relevance to data by creating strong taxonomies that make your search and browse capabilities of the content more functional.  In addition, we classify products to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the categorization process.

We source, edit, and enhance product images to create a consistent customer experience across the entire product catalog, as well as find and aggregate rich digital content including product brochures and sell sheets, safety data sheets, diagrams, videos, and more!

Unilog enriches over 240,000 products per month, transforming product data into optimized, enriched content that drives traffic and increases conversions. Give us the opportunity to show you how we can impact your product catalog and increase your sales.

Send us 10 of your products, and we’ll send back enriched product data that you can keep!
“I will put Unilog’s product content up against anybody’s – they are second to none!”

Jeff Fouchia, CIO,
The Macomb Group