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Cool Feature: Visual Parts Identifier

Finding a specific replacement part for a product can be a tedious, often painstaking process for both buyers and sellers. Some multi-component systems and large equipment can consist of dozens of parts and pieces – ranging from large fan motors to minute screws.

Without the exact part number, people are forced to dig through operation manuals and user guides to try to identify the piece they need. If you want to eliminate the frustration of hunting down product parts, we’ve got a cool feature to show you that quickly and easily identifies replacement parts within our eCommerce platform.

This customized functionality, known as a visual parts identifier, can be integrated into Unilog customers’ digital commerce sites using an ARI PartStream application programming interface (API) that synchronizes your parts catalog to illustrative diagrams of multi-component equipment. To use the tool, simply enter the model number of the product or equipment for which you need a replacement part and choose the correct model from the dropdown list that appears.

The tool then displays the illustrated diagrams available for all the products affiliated with that particular model. If you don’t have the part number readily available, you can find the product by clicking on the illustrated diagram for the larger component. For example, say you’re looking for a replacement part for a John Deere tractor mower deck. You would click on the mower drive diagram to see a detailed view of the individual parts within that mower deck.

When the illustrated diagram opens, click on the number next to the part you want. A window appears with a picture, part number, and price for that specific part, along with the option to add it to your cart.

Alternatively, if you have a part number for the replacement part, you can enter it in the search bar above the diagrams, which will then display the specific illustrated diagram attributed to that part.

From here you can click on the diagram, identify the part visually and add it to your cart.

This parts lookup tool is a game-changer for any distributor and manufacturer that sells multi-component products and replacement parts. Weingartz, a Michigan-based power equipment, parts, and service supplier, is a Unilog customer that currently offers the visual parts identifier tool on their website. With hundreds of illustrative diagrams available for their products, their customers are able to visually identify the correct part they need quickly, and add it to their cart with a click of a button.

At Unilog, we’re constantly flexing our innovative muscles to offer new and improved functionality in our all-in-one eCommerce platform. Built specifically for B2B organizations, our cloud-based software is a powerful, yet affordable solution for businesses who want to maintain a leading edge in the marketplace.

If you’re interested in integrating this timesaving tool into your eCommerce site, contact us to learn more and to schedule a demo of our digital commerce platform.

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