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Turtle & Hughes

Project Details CLIENT Turtle & Hughes LOCATION Linden, New Jersey INDUSTRY Industrial, Construction, Commercial, Electrical Contracting, Export, and Utility Markets PROJECT Business Digitization PROBLEM Not long ago, Turtle & Hughes foresaw a major shift in their marketplace. While attending a series of industry forums, the independent electrical and industrial distributor realized their customers – and their needs…

Case Study: Affiliated Distributors (AD)

Project Details CLIENT Affiliated Distributors (AD) LOCATION Wayne, PA INDUSTRY Industrial Distributors PROJECT Product Content Development and Taxonomy Design PROBLEM Competition in the industrial distributor marketplace is fierce. Large eCommerce chains pour millions of dollars into obtaining, enriching, and uploading good product content for hundreds of thousands of items in order to sell them on their site. While many small…

Case Study: Hill & Markes, Inc.

With a mission to provide each customer with an extraordinary customer service experience, Hill & Markes made the decision to partner with Unilog, and soon began their journey to create a better online experience for their customers, which included better content and customized functionality. Together, these enhancements transformed HillnMarkes.com into a highly successful sales tool and opened the door to future marketing opportunities

Case Study: Fairmont Supply

Fairmount Supply wanted a tool that not only could handle its large product catalog, but could also repurpose the data for its sales and marketing efforts. With the CIMM2 plugin’s capabilities, Fairmont Supply was able to choose a subset of products from its catalog, along with selected taxonomy attributes.

Case Study: North Coast Electric
Case Study: North Coast Electric

With the growth of technology and the increased acceptance of e-commerce in the marketplace, North Coast Electric partnered with Unilog in 2015 to digitally evolve their websites to give customers a more efficient way to shop online. NCE saw a surge in e-commerce activity with CIMM2 Touch.

Case Study: Marks Supply
Case Study: Marks Supply

Marks Supply a Wholesale Distributor of Plumbing and HVAC Supplies saw an urgent need to expand its business to the web with increased pressure in the field. CIMM2, came at the perfect time, sparking Marks Supply’s interest with its ability to seamlessly integrate with its ERP system

Case Study: Torrco

Torrco – started seeing more of its customers turn to manufacturer and competitors’ sites in order to research, compare and purchase their products. That’s when it realized on having an eCommerce capability and overcame its eCommerce challenges with CIMM2.

Case Study: Airgas Inc.

Airgas, Inc., wanted to enrich the data with images, technical documents, product attributes and specifications in order to give their online customers information to support their buying decisions. With CIMM2 Airgas was able to categorize and enrich over 150,000 SKUs.